The first thing I would like to say thank you to those people that follow my blog called My Deaf Mind. Because of you people that give me the courage and self-will to continue writing.

The remembrance said to me, “People who follow your writing even if your family and friends who some hide in the back and read your words and said, whoa, he is fantastically improving every day, oh, salute his words and his fantasy. Oh, such a grace, and such an imagination.”

I read what inside me, and I don’t know what it is, but feelings, yes, emotions. Hmm, I would have thought if people who follow My Deaf Mind have wondered, what was he thinking? Or what was happening in his inner world? Or such a lovely word, looking forward to more of his.

When I am by my words, riddle, it is, but hence, wait and patient, for it is this engrained heart that I sing with no reason, but a purpose, from my soul. People who follow My Deaf Mind will understand why this engrained heart, but if you are new to my words, I welcome you to my mysterious thoughts, and perhaps one day you would say, I see what you mean.

May my blog flourish like a nature that comes from the soul.

© Ismael Mansoor

My design #3

The poetry flows in my fantasy,
Like the water, or like the river,
Or I thought so.

© Ismael Mansoor

Who look inside for you?

Spiritual awakening?
How did ye moveth thyself?
How did ye moveth thy left arm while your right armrest?
When ye thought of food, thee wentest to make a portion of food and eat it,
Then how did ye not think of thine soul when ye thought of food or drink?
Too many questions, how did you, how did thee, and how did thou
Thou should hear when thine soul volumes,
And should thee seek in it for it is thy spirit,
But if you don’t, who will look inside for you?
No one else but thee, only thou can findest thine self.

Spiritual awakening?
I am deaf, and my hearing does not allow me to hear fully,
Yet still, I can look inside me, my inner world,
But ye as a hearing person, ye ‘ve two things to do,
To quieten the noise from the world
Then you can focus on thy soul.
Thee see that I am deaf, which means I only ‘ve one thing to do,
Is to focus on my soul, not to quieten the noise from the world.

© Ismael Mansoor

We came from her womb

You are Hearing,
Nothing is wrong with you;
And I am Deaf,
Nothing is wrong with me.

I may not speak
Nor hear very well like you;
And you may not sign
Nor listen very well like me.

Grace is you that speaks and hear;
And grace is me that signs and listen.

You are a child of Earth,
So do I a child of Earth;
You and I made,
from the Earth, from her womb.

You are your Hearing mind,
And I am my Deaf mind;
Grace is you with the Heard,
And grace is me with the Unheard.

© Ismael Mansoor

My Journey & Setbacks

This Engrained Heart,
It has been calling me,
But I wait, feel, and think,
Is it worth it to me?

The first year, I wrote so many,
And the second year, I wrote less than many,
Thence This Engrained Heart lo at me,
Saith like, Thou hath so many words in thee;
Twitter, Wattpad, Allpoetry, and WordPress,
But turn back to This Engrained Heart,
And write unlimitedly.
But well, it is how I have been feeling,

And I am sorry if you have been fans of my writing,
But humankind am I that we all have our setbacks.

© Ismael Mansoor

Thence I remembereth

The closed heart,
But a raw pain inside,
Feeling, when is all well?

Then thee wondereth why pain,
I tried my best, but not good enough,
Everything I tried was not good enough,
The raw pain inside, feeling, when is all well?

Well, negative smashed me, feeling, why did thou close me?
Thence inwards look upon I to me, when is all well?
Thence I remembereth the Creator.

© Ismael Mansoor

Howbeit is Necessary

Howbeit is he that riddles himself.

Busy saith to Making-It-Time, How did thee manage thy time for others? And Making-It-Time sayeth, I offer myself to them and also offering myself to my success.

Give money, said they,
And they are not to harm thou,
But give their kindness.

I believe in myself, and Necessary needs me to believe with all my faith!

© Ismael Mansoor