The first thing I would like to say thank you to those people that follow my blog called My Deaf Mind. Because of you people that give me the courage and self-will to continue writing.

The remembrance said to me, “People who follow your writing even if your family and friends who some hide in the back and read your words and said, whoa, he is fantastically improving every day, oh, salute his words and his fantasy. Oh, such a grace, and such an imagination.”

I read what inside me, and I don’t know what it is, but feelings, yes, emotions. Hmm, I would have thought if people who follow My Deaf Mind have wondered, what was he thinking? Or what was happening in his inner world? Or such a lovely word, looking forward to more of his.

When I am by my words, riddle, it is, but hence, wait and patient, for it is this engrained heart that I sing with no reason, but a purpose, from my soul. People who follow My Deaf Mind will understand why this engrained heart, but if you are new to my words, I welcome you to my mysterious thoughts, and perhaps one day you would say, I see what you mean.

May my blog flourish like a nature that comes from the soul.

© Ismael Mansoor

My deafness is not just that

Is it strange for me to not tell thee of my deafness?
I walk in the way of the hearing world,
But still, is it strange for me not tell thee of it?
They say, tell the world that thou art deaf,
But I went with myself, doing the things I thought of myself,
Then she came in, reminding, be thyself and I love you still,
Then wentest I to the Old English, lo at them, reading, deliverance,
And here I am writing it out of the moon,
But thank you to her that loves me
And my family for their heartfelt,
Love that I treasure them all whole in my soul,
So I should not tell thee of my deafness, but only words if fit poetry.

© Ismael Mansoor

We can touch Love anytime

Oh my heart, said I to myself, oh my soul,
I listen to my inner world of mine,
But I wonder if thou also listen to thy inner world?
It has everything inside the soul.

Oh, my heart, I asked Love, and it embraces me,
Like Love in everyone has a calling to them,
A call to love that you do, and a call to love that you feel,
And a call to love what offers from this world.

But oh, my heart, my soul, and everything,
Love is in the air, and we can touch it anytime.

© Ismael Mansoor

A desire but a dream

My mind paints a desire,
Where all feel free,
But a dream, whereas I daydream,
Is it not good enough?

The rejoicing in hope,
Is it not good enough?
The great faith in myself,
Is it not strong enough?

Negative smashes my thoughts,
And twists my emotions,
But is it not good enough?
But a dream, whereas I daydream,

My mind paints a desire,
Where all feel free

© Ismael Mansoor

An Emotional Love In Him

She offers me with all her mind and heart,
Saith she to me, I love you, my universe!
Her love is an infinite
And I shall be in it of her, 
Then Grace comes to me, 
Saying like, You look at me,
Feeling that I am in thy emotion,
And I smile indescribable,
Yet thy life is a new blossom,
Which offers me to give thee a gift,
No more negative emotion for thee,
But ye can trust thine self, go and trust thyself!
O, she loveth thee for it, and more love she to thee.

© Ismael Mansoor

Think about the things out there

A lion says, Crazy are Humans who fees themselves,
Then ant’s queen says, Crazy is King Lion who sends his women to hunt,
And a bird says Crazy is Ant Queen who sends her army out to scout,
And a shark says, Crazy is Dolphin who holds their breath in my sea
Then the Earth says, I fee thee when thou art not moving thyself

© Ismael Mansoor

My design #9

If I want to do what I love,
Then go for it, and nothing can stop me

I have a dream, a goal, even a passion,
Do the thing that can make me rocket to my happiness,
And feel it around people that feel mine

If I don’t believe in me
Who will do it for me?
No one else,
But for myself.

© Ismael Mansoor

The Distort Mind

The bubble splashed around a boy,
It washed him and distorted his mind,
Then went he to a land of many eyes,
They saw him, the boy who in the bubble,
And they bowed down before him,
And suddenly, the boy was gone.

The bubble splashed around the boy,
It wetted him and noised his mind,
Then went he to a land of desert,
They saw him, the boy who in the bubble,
And they bowed down not before him,
And suddenly, the boy was gone.

The distortion bubbled the boy all in the fate,
Of an infinite mind that was unbearable of the unthinkable,
Such tragic, such a cliche to make it stories such a depression,
And then went the boy to a land of the desire,
They saw him, the boy who in the bubble,
And they saluted him as equality,
And suddenly, the boy was gone.

© Ismael Mansoor