The first thing I would like to say thank you to those people that follow my blog called My Deaf Mind. Because of you people that give me the courage and self-will to continue writing.

The remembrance said to me, “People who follow your writing even if your family and friends who some hide in the back and read your words and said, whoa, he is fantastically improving every day, oh, salute his words and his fantasy. Oh, such a grace, and such an imagination.”

I read what inside me, and I don’t know what it is, but feelings, yes, emotions. Hmm, I would have thought if people who follow My Deaf Mind have wondered, what was he thinking? Or what was happening in his inner world? Or such a lovely word, looking forward to more of his.

When I am by my words, riddle, it is, but hence, wait and patient, for it is this engrained heart that I sing with no reason, but a purpose, from my soul. People who follow My Deaf Mind will understand why this engrained heart, but if you are new to my words, I welcome you to my mysterious thoughts, and perhaps one day you would say, I see what you mean.

May my blog flourish like a nature that comes from the soul.

© Ismael Mansoor

Have you?

He said, how do you love yourself? 
He was sorry to keep saying, you
But he wanted to know if you do love yourself,
Because if he knew that you are,
He would tell you of life in the love of his opinion,
Like how you opinion when you eat, sleep, and wake up,
Such is Circle who looks at the world, have you awake yet?

© Ismael Mansoor

Image by Bianca Mentil from Pixabay

Misty Amidst

Misty Amidst
White-out like it’s been wiped out,
Fragments of memories scatters all over the universe.
Impossible to see it, but it sits right on the nose,
Feelings of emotions diverse.
The emotions themselves know.
Variety of crisis invades thickly and yet wet, Hesitantly,
see ahead unclear-ly, asking which choice is best?
The path leads blurry.
Still, the crisis surrounds hovering all directions,
Persevering with the courage to complete the given missions.
For patience is key, yellow beams shine through worries
lifting fears off souls, cutting through stress- triggers,
and then familiar images appear
Thick saggy crisis becomes greener and friendly,
The floral aroma in the warm breeze roams around freely.
It’s now visible to the naked watery eyes,
The forehand brushes the issues away.
The smile thanks to the sky,
Eventually, the path reveals the way.

© Llewellyn McDonald

Long Live Breath!

Thou hath so much in thee,
Faith, breath strives ye of thine life,
While Truth watches ye for thy actions,
And all in that which define of riddles,
Saying like, Prose sees Poetry for their words,
Yet lines describe by Paragraph and Stanza,
But thee got what in you heather ye lo,
Well, hitherto that high of heaven
Hence, farewell not, for Breath lives,
Long live Breath, may it be so, forever

©️ Ismael Mansoor


Annoyance through being uninvited
Dominating my emotional state
Mood swings violently
Every time the threads has passed
It engraved in my damaged mind
Dramatic Media Player looping
The demonic laughter sound effect is on, willfully
My inkblot test is revealing of a man is longing to howl with rage
The peacemaker is no longer on the prescription.
Reinfection exists.
Live with it.

©️ Megan Holmes

Too Many Things On My Mind

I don’t know what you want,

But at least I know what the world needs,

Thee need food and drink,

Well, Hunger explains,

No food, nor drink, ye starve,

But if thee, a miraculous being,

Let me learn to do it,

So that I may rest dead meats,

Excuse me, I mean, meats

Well, too many things on my mind.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Hard To Define

Thee art special said Reminder,
How canst ye not forget thine self?
Thou shall be thyself, oh, I will do the same,
So that we may shine the world like Remembrance.

Ye goest to me for my advice, but I advise ye,
That you must go to thee, then ye shall know thine book,
For all are special, aye, we all are,
But give time to remember and make a reminder for Accord,

Allow thyself said Reminder, to give life some meaning of hope,
Not the false hope, but only the one hope, only the true one,
Then let us go to Accordance, for all things in them must follow,
Accord, the rule to all that is peaceful, all exist to share

But thee findeth so hard to define what Share is,
Then Hence shall like huh, why, time to share for our life.

© Ismael Mansoor

I wish everything is easy…

I wish everything is easy,
Oh yeah,
I wish the Miracle is here realistically,
Well, how much more can I think
Out of the wishing…

People wish, I bet, animals also,
Fish, birds, and well, some people,
They think they have no soul,
But just animals, just fish, and just birds,
Eish is that they think they know everything,
But they are not good at connecting their souls…

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Energy Of Love

I think we are all born to learn to love. 

LOVE is supposed to be an unreplaceable lightbulb. 

The lightbulb is already inserted- inside the child’s chest. 

Once the mother holds the infant and nurtures it

The energy of the mother’s love should go through the lines to connect to the child.

 And the mother’s love touches the child. 

The lightbulb shall be on. 

Once the infant lets the mother love it, its love grows. 

But some child grows up without the mother’s love, 

Or it grows up with broken lines and did not receive the proper energy of love, 

It grows up with so much energy-of-love 

Then the energy source of love dies in different ways, 

And the child’s unreplaceable lightbulb becomes dull because the energy of love has slowly faltered until the love dims. 

Or the child can have so much source of love from its mother and others surrounds it. 

But what of the child whose energy of love has dimmed? What will become of it? 

©️ Tshepiso Malete 

Words paint So of Sit

So went to see Sit,
Saying like, look, you relax so much
And So preserved, I want our peace,
And Sit smiled, thy heart shall peace
So left to a world of difference,
All describe with, wonder in the world,
Thou imagination of So and Sit,
But let Stand-up for thy soul

©️ Ismael Mansoor

One Day Then May It Is So

Abundant is with me,
And Wealth sends all money,
And ensure they work for me,
Then I summon Amen,
And the forever days smile,
Abundance, overflowing,
Like the eternal river,
And eternal self-atm,
Oh, the Miracle!

© Ismael Mansoor