The circle of inventiveness – part 2

Good day to you, Wisdom.

Good day to you too.

I heard you bought a house for Provoke.

Yes, I did.

Why Provoke, why out of the sudden it’s him?

Just in case, it is a long story, and I do not want to talk about it.


Can you respect me?

Of course, Wisdom. Please sit down. Hmm, I see that you are very powerful because you are a billionaire man. Why say you will support me as a charity?

Because you are Peace

Aww, Wisdom

I dreamt that one day you will become a king, and then win the world’s throne, the Earth. Then you will be King Peace.

One of the Earth?

Yes, can you do me a favour?

Yes, I can do you a favour because I owe you a thousand times.

Thank you, Peace. Please keep visiting Provoke. He needs you.

Alright, I will do your favour.

Thank you, Peace, when you keep visiting Provoke, I can promise you a little bit, that you may learn a lot from him even if it is overboard.

Yes, Wisdom.

Good to see you. Say, off I go to leave you in grace.

Have a wonderful day!

You too.


How did you find me?

It doesn’t matter. Why didn’t you tell me where you were?

I do not want to wake up your beauty sleep. Oh, you were comfortable.

We are business partners; don’t you remember that?

Forgive me, Mr. Patience.

I forgive you, and you know, Wisdom. Think, we go to see Mountain?

Yes, but do you know where Mountain is? Because I am not very sure.

I have prepared well before I got you here, and I do know where he is.

Can you take us to where Mountain is?

Yes, Wisdom. Let’s go.

Marvelous. How are you?

I am well, thank you. What business does Wisdom have brought Mr. Patience with me? Why is Mr. Patience here? Should not Wisdom be with him, is that right? Oh, it is my spirit that spoke about what was necessary, not say why you have brought him here before me.

It is important.

Provoke? It is about him. What should you try to convince me only if you think so? Do not say I cannot read you. I know you well because you were my apprentice.


Not now, Mr. Patience.

How strange for Wisdom to not share his thoughts with Mr. Patience.

Can I speak?

Should I allow you to let you speak only if you bring Provoke here? Mr. Patience can wait here, and he must obey me until you bring Provoke here. The deal is deal, say what you, Wisdom?

Why she dares

Not now, please, Mr. Patience?  


I accept your deal.

© Ismael Mansoor

Published by This Engrained Heart

I am a Deaf male, and I write what comes my mind. I have been creatively writing since 2010, and from there has been growing my excitement and passionate for my poetry and writing.

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