One of the best memories for feeling the love

I sat down on the log,
From a little distance, she glanced at me,
She was flirting with her eyes towards me with her smiles,
Pure connection.

While I sat down on the log,
I saw she told her friends that she wanted to spend time with me,
Because I was about to leave in a half-hour or more,
She came to sit on the log next to me, touching my side.

Our company was great, it was feeling like a sort of magic
That drew me towards her.
I went away from home because I had to go, but a while
After I leave, I texted to her like, “Come and see me tomorrow.”

© Ismael Mansoor

Published by This Engrained Heart

I am a Deaf male, and I write what comes my mind. I have been creatively writing since 2010, and from there has been growing my excitement and passionate for my poetry and writing.

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