Dark is alone in the eternal voidness and he looks at himself feeling very miserable.

Dark:  I can see the stars at the edge of the space. Well, I am not allowed to go there, nor could I move there. Never will I, since it has been two thousand years! I know, I know, and I know that I should not go there, but I don’t want to be alone anymore. 

Dark is a bit angry.

Dark:  He did not tell me how I was made or where I came from. He never tells me not one bit. I could know that I am from this eternal voidness because I can see what is in it, and they said, it is only I that can live in it. Oh, who are they? Never mind. 

Dark swims around

Dark:  I miss my friend Gloom, he was taken away by her, yes her!

Dark reminisces about his past: the Creator and them (Angels) were with Light, and they were shining too bright for all to see, and they were watching; there that Dark was watching Water captured Gloom before him.

Water:  How dare you try to destroy me, your queen? 

Dark:  Gloom!

Gloom:  Dark!

Water:  Time for ye to bear thy witness.

Dark:  What???

Water:  Gloom tries to destroy me, so he must be your doing.

Dark:  Gloom!

Gloom:  Forgive me for I am weak, Dark!

Water:  I am giving this part to Light, everything!

Dark:  No!!!

Gloom:  Dark!

Water:  One more thing, I am taking Gloom with me. 

Dark:  I hate you!!! 

Water:  I hope I won’t see you again until ye change. 

Dark:  Water!!!

Water:  Goodbye.

Back to Dark’s reality

Dark:  Eish! How Water’s energy managed to rule over me, for two thousand years! Oh well, just you wait Water! Wait and see how I shall annoy thou. Well, I will skip to win back what’s mine, and she will shut her mouth! She should know her place! Well, what can I do now?

Dark slowly moves toward the edge of the space.

Dark:  Light! Light! Light! Light! Light!

Dark can see that Light is slowly appearing from the center of the space toward him. 

Light:  Here I am

Dark is smirking.

Dark:  Let me show you something.

Dark casts himself to extend his dark energy, and it is overflowing around him, spreading toward the edge of the space.

Light:  Why are you reckless? 

Light casts a spell to dispel the dark energy.

Dark:  No, screw you!

Dark charges in toward Light.

Light:  Even after two thousand years, I am very surprised to see you reaching here this far.

Dark is attacking Light.

Light:  You suddenly decide to attack me?

Dark is trying every best he can to attack Light.

Light:  Impatience. Why now not before? I would not want to fight thou, and thee knew me that I am. 

Dark:  What do you expect from me who is sleeping and watching all the time? Think not that I knew that thou art, but I knew ye that ye don’t know me yet.

Light:  Did your judgment clouds thy mind?

Dark:  My mind is all right, perfectly fine, it is.

Dark still not giving up, fighting Light but Dark screams. 

Dark:  I will devour every star that you present them! I will also devour every new star that you create! And forever will I devour everything of yours until nothing is left of them!

Light:  Well, then my duty will stop you from astray and vengeance. 

Dark:  Fine with me! 

Light is playing around with Dark; he never fights back Dark.

Dark:  Thou art toying with me!

Light:  I never want to fight you because I love you with all my stars!

Dark:  You have no idea how much time I dwell in the darkness, waiting for this day to come, to end you, and take over! 

Dark stops fighting Light, and Light is quiet.

Dark:  In the eternal voidness, darkness where every soul in it is sleeping and unwatchable. They never knew that I was always presenting, nor could they know themselves that they are in it. You see, I am alone.

Dark fights Light.

Light:  Let’s stop fighting.

Dark:  You are the one who is not fighting me. Thou think ye can stop me?

Light:  It is my duty that stops thee if thou art out of control.

Dark:  I am the dark king before you and your foolish stars! I cannot wait to devour every lifeform that lives upon the circle of the lights!

Light:  My duty won’t let it happen.

Dark:   Stop making fun of me. 

Light:  I will ask you one more time. Please stop fighting.

Dark:  Your spirit begs my spirit to stop fighting? Your power is never to stop me, but some of your stars stopped themselves. Oh yes, while I was sleeping, I watched them so clear perfectly. It was beautiful how they explosive their cores, and I saw you were weeping for their deaths. Thou wept like a chicken, aye, ye wept like a woman, and thee wept like a weeper, on and on, on and on, on and on, it went on and on till here I am before your weeping self! Your spirit and your power are never to be left alone, but I have kept witnessing your creation until here I am fighting, at the same time, watching how you bear your witness that they continue to explosive themselves. 

Light:  Do not think very highly of yourself. You may think that you can beat me, but the very best ability of mine is to stop you.

Light’s energy finally grabs Dark.

Dark:  You amuse me so much more than I can bear.

Light holds Dark.

Dark:  You amuse me very much! You are very amusing, and you know that, don’t you? I find it so amusing that you have no will in you to fight me at the same time you cannot stop your stars from extinguishing themselves!

Light:  It is not my will to stop them from extinguishing themselves because they manifest to stop.

Dark resists and Light tries to hold him very tightly.

Dark:  I always manifest myself to stop living, stop sleeping, and stop watching, yet all of them are not working! Curse to Water for binding my power for two thousand years! 

Light cannot hold Dark.

Dark:  Speaking of myself, thou thoughts ye could friend with me? Thee art, not my brother, and ye know it because thee have failed me!

Dark finally gets off the hold of Light.

Light:  I see. That is how you are.

© Ismael Mansoor

Published by This Engrained Heart

I am a Deaf male, and I write what comes my mind. I have been creatively writing since 2010, and from there has been growing my excitement and passionate for my poetry and writing.


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