Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

This Engrained Heart is still new to WordPress because I bought it about two weeks ago. I have been writing to my heart’s content and then today Karizza (Heart of Yellows) has nominated me as one of her nine nominees for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award. Dear Karizza, this afternoon I told my girlfriend, “ComeContinue reading “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award”

The Power of Healing

Heal, heal, healTo sheer the healing’s powerIs to forget your sicknessThe survive to sicken is like“Thank you for keep thinking of me”The cease to survive to sickenIs to stick your glue to the mindOf the healing’s power If He is your healing’s powerIt’s natural for you to forget your sickIf you put Him on yourContinue reading “The Power of Healing”

Our Light Is Blossoming

I am sitting on a chair by a deskMy thoughts our Holy Creator is everywhereI tell myself, do I know foreverThey want to see, and they want to witnessIf He is real or if He does not existUp to the world if they believe or notBut my thoughts, our Holy Creator is everywhereBelieve, choose, ifContinue reading “Our Light Is Blossoming”

A spirit who believes

Translation from South African Sign Language into English I tell myself that I am a man of the EarthYet a spirit who believes in our Holy CreatorHow I save myself from my weaknessI shall remember to pray to HimFor He who gifted me a mind’s wisdomAnd an understanding’s riddle in the writingRiddle, is a manContinue reading “A spirit who believes”


The light is shining throughout the space. And at the edge of it, Light appears before the darkness, and he can see Dark is in it. Light: Hi my brother. Dark, can we talk? They are like Dark is in the sea and Light is on the shore.  Dark:  How long Light? Dark swims around beforeContinue reading “CHAPTER ONE: LIGHTING UP HIS REALM”