Let it be sought as it is heard by a sought

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Hi, hi, hi, said they, but never mind him, he is deaf
They chat to those who speak with their mouths
But his mind said to himself, can everyone read and write?
Oh ya, he wondered if everyone can read and write
Because he wants to know, oh, he wants to 
Ye see that he is Deaf, with big capital, D
Oh, he who loves writing was told that most Deaf people
Could not be good at reading nor writing
But his mind asked himself, can all Hearing people read and write?
If it sounds such a provoke, yet it is free to think, but if they don’t want
It’s alight with him because he thoughts, this country is democracy
He cannot force them to answer his questions
Nor could they force him to answer their questions
Because they have choices to make, and they must respect it
But if they are violent that grieve the Earth’s soils
Then shall the teaching be the world’s choice 
To lecture the violence to cut off its sin’s boiling anger
Oh, excuse me, thought himself, that his mind was so deep

Hmm, doth thou think if ye said this world is our faith?
If ye said that heaven or hell is part of our minds
But if thee said, how could I care less for the Earth?
And if thou said, did I fancy your thoughts or thy thinking?
Hmm, they might deny what is important to life
The Earth needs the living souls to realise her 
Oh, many time have ye heard that ye need to help the Earth
To reproduce all that we need but I don’t know what thou think
Oh ya, let it be sought as it is heard by a sought
How doth thou bring forth such plenty of love?
Or should thee bring forth with the witness of peace and truth?
Or what would ye with thy seeds to provide fruits and vegetables?
Or should I stop asking so many questions to satisfy you?
Thou bring forth something to embrace that we need 
Let thee bring forth with hope or a miracle or
Should I share my thoughts with thou? Yes, let me 

Ungraceful:  I knew that you would come to see me.

Grace:  You are right.

Ungraceful:  Oh, your body language makes me think that you are great and also make me feel that you are better than me.

Grace:  How could I?

Ungraceful:  Well then, let me show you why I am Ungraceful. Grace’s dream will disappear, oh yeah, I believe that I want it to happen.

Grace:  The Miracle Creator won’t let me disappear, nor will I let myself be gone. 

Ungraceful:  Well, I will show you now!

Ungraceful is preparing himself to fight in a fair square with Grace. Grace looks disappointed – she has no will to fight with Ungraceful.

Ungraceful:  Well, something is happening to you, Grace!

Ungraceful suddenly put Grace down to the ground, but Grace stands up quickly.

Ungraceful:  Well, good for you! I know you won’t go down so easily because I have been studying for you the whole time!

Suddenly Grace feels uneasy.

Ungraceful:  Good, Grace. Stay there and get ready for this!

Grace feels very uneasy that much, but she just heard her soul’s voice.

Grace’s soul:  I will give you more power, yes, more power enough to make you strong.

Change of the mood that Grace feels at ease.

Ungraceful:  Let’s get a fight to our heart’s content. 

Ungraceful fights Grace.

Ungraceful:  Well, I know you mean me, not you. Yes, Sin has chosen me, I am bounding to him, but he let me be free, here I am, fighting with you, wishing to send you home, and say hello to them for me when you are there.

Grace beings to stop Ungraceful.

Ungraceful:  Even if you destroy me, you must defeat Sin, anyway!

Grace:  Who says that I will destroy you?

Ungraceful:  Nothing can stop me, but if you don’t destroy me, I will destroy you so that Sin could be happy for me!

Grace:  By all means.

Grace vs Ungraceful. Ungraceful losses for a continuation and the final last time.

Ungraceful:  No, it can’t be! No, it can’t be! 

Grace is quiet.

Ungraceful:  So it is you, after all, who will send me home and say hello to them for you. Well, I don’t think so, but even after I am gone Sin is, well, never mind me. Now, I send myself home.

Ungraceful send himself home; Grace watches him get sent and vanished.

They said to him, I see that your thoughts are dancing
Hmm, what doth he think? He said, our light and dark side are mixed
Well, they told others, well, he is deaf, but let him carries on 
So that we may hear what is in his mind
But he daydreams

© Ismael Mansoor

Published by This Engrained Heart

I am a Deaf male, and I write what comes my mind. I have been creatively writing since 2010, and from there has been growing my excitement and passionate for my poetry and writing.

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