Dominate Thy Enemy Mind

Image by Dsndrn-Videolar from Pixabay

Thee like personification, doth not thou?
They said that you return, the Old English
But when you want to speak, with thine voice
Ye won’t use the Old English to speak
Doth not thou, doth thee? Such a strange thought

They said, he likes personification, they think that they know him
But when he answers, they turn away, and some stays
But in the end, they all are the same, they come back
Why? Ask not of me, ask the Miracle, and thou will get, what thee seek
Believe in thyself, and help thine self, to believe in them for thy sake

Contemplate if he says, quiet, and doth not get dominated over the weak
But if thou doth like them that does did doing the dominion of the strong
But thee seek that drives ye of thy hope and just he, who is in the world of good
He would tell thee, contemplate, oh quiet, and doth not get dominated over me
Because he would not dominate over ye, oh he teaches ye, to dominate thy enemy mind

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Published by This Engrained Heart

I am a Deaf male, and I write what comes my mind. I have been creatively writing since 2010, and from there has been growing my excitement and passionate for my poetry and writing.

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