Dominate Thy Enemy Mind

Image by Dsndrn-Videolar from Pixabay Thee like personification, doth not thou?They said that you return, the Old EnglishBut when you want to speak, with thine voiceYe won’t use the Old English to speakDoth not thou, doth thee? Such a strange thought They said, he likes personification, they think that they know himBut when he answers,Continue reading “Dominate Thy Enemy Mind”

Expressing My Inner World

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay Holy, Goodwill, Peacetime, everything that is Thine, and alone ThineCould I brave to sayth such words, are everything evil also ThineA question in my mind that asks, and I turn it into a song, or lyricLet a voice of the singer, or the lyricist, let them speak of TheeContinue reading “Expressing My Inner World”

I Beg You To Feed The World

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay FatherSonMotherSonYe two have made me a miraculous manThou made it thyself not usBut ye two have looked after me all thine lifeLet me bread a world of spiritI will be thine bread and waterYe shall never have ever thirsty and hungryBut I beg you to feed the worldFor theContinue reading “I Beg You To Feed The World”

The Parallel of Relationship

Contemplate, consider the way I said about the oldI do not mean how old are youI mean like the Old from the beginningLike the New from the modernity Father, I am going to do my way not your wayYour way is old, and mine’s not in itMy way is new, and yours are not inContinue reading “The Parallel of Relationship”

Goodwill & Good Thoughts

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay Goodwill, good thoughts, what more can he say He gives ye a gift, use it well She also gives ye another gift, use it anyway But say goodwill in thy good thoughts, oh he says Love to the water, and water will pour out on thine head Just as muchContinue reading “Goodwill & Good Thoughts”

Gratification of Superheroes

Image by Adithya Rajeev from Pixabay Batman. I got you, Joker, so you caught –Joker. Up so that I let you capture –Batman. You! I have what everything need.I take you back to Arkham Asylum.Joker. Ha, ha, I can escape again. ———————————–  ——————— Lex Luthor. Superman, I desire you –I desire the power of Superman.Superman. I can stop you as easyContinue reading “Gratification of Superheroes”

Love means for all

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay Peacetime is for usNever think that peace is yoursIt is for all souls If thou sayth thee loveArt thou a master of loveIf so, shall love all Our Holy OneWho made life and all that isYe art not alone The teaching’s writtenLove thy neighbour as thyselfNo selfish thank youContinue reading “Love means for all”


Dark looks for every possible to attack Light; Dark believes that he can hurt Light, but Light stands still before his bright self. Dark: Why are you… Dark thinks that he can’t hurt Light. Light: Dark, can you stop fighting? Please? Unknown voice: I can help with your fighting. Dark: You think you are Star,Continue reading “CHAPTER THREE: SHALL I EXPOSE MYSELF?”