Notorious Motion

Hmm, mm, motion is a thing that I can wait,
But thee tell the seller to just making money.
How could thou sell a thing that is not for the Earth?
Ye think that ye ‘ve the power over her.
Such a fool to think that ye can ‘ve thy power to rule.

Hmm, mm, motion is a statement that I can wait,
But ye saint, as a perfect man but thou,
Hmm, thee doth not understand that the Lord.
No, for you to understand I prefer to say, our Holy Creator,
Do ye think I am talking to ye? I am talking to him that listens.

Hmm, mm, motion is a sayth that I as Gabriel to speak for thee,
No, another one said, I as Michael will sign for thee,
And no, said another one, I as Ramiel will guide for thee,
But other two said the same time, We as Sariel and Uriel will for thee,
Doth thou think I am daydreaming to thee? Thou ask thy fantasy.

Hmm, mm, motion, motion, and motion.
Thee art quiet that hears me through thy fantasy.
Oh, oh, what should I tell thee of thy shod?
Ye did not know what was in thy body,
Now you study, feel, and remember everyone in it.

© Ismael Mansoor

Published by This Engrained Heart

I am a Deaf male, and I write what comes my mind. I have been creatively writing since 2010, and from there has been growing my excitement and passionate for my poetry and writing.

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