Saviors: Blocked

If I told you about the Deaf generationYour forefathers or foremothers controlled my kindYour kind was Hearing, and my kind was DeafYou saw I lived under your rule and remembered You jumped into my lifeAnd put a yoke on my earsThinking it would benefit me for your kindBut you made me forsaken my kind MyContinue reading “Saviors: Blocked”

Intense and culturally accurate?

I don’t know what you might think,But I will tell you what I think,I don’t need your judgment, Because I know you are not perfect. Yet if you are perfect,Go and save the world, Hurry, please!Oh, is my provoking words make you sensitive?  If so,I don’t know what to sayShould I say, sorry? Well, to be DeafOftentimes thatContinue reading “Intense and culturally accurate?”

Pray for Others

Sadness:  It is me that makes others weaken themselves. Understanding, I am sorry, my friend. It is me that always makes others weaken their spirits, thinking it is the depression that makes them believe, believe that their life has no meaning to live or to be happy. Oh, I wish this depression with me, along withContinue reading “Pray for Others”

Shades of brown

Ye taught me the words of our Holy CreatorDeal with the knowledge and the simpleGoodwill to the self, smiling with the merry heartYe taught me the words of mind yet I try to calm itThey said what art thou? Deaf with big capital Or small capital deaf, oh they asked, what art thou?I told them, IContinue reading “Shades of brown”

A Song In My Head

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay Let me sing song for you,So now this is your song. You can ask the Miracle CreatorTo sing for you with His Miracle’s ToneBecause you know that there’s no harm to askPut it in your heart, I want you to feelAlight? You ready? Yes, let’s get ready I knowContinue reading “A Song In My Head”