Passages of Our

1.My mind said like, “The Lord who gives you a bread of knowledge, and another bread of wisdom, yet all the truth awaits you to unlock thyself. Hence, wait, feel, and patience, for it is fragrant, but thy Lord, no, our Lord, the Miracle Creator is Our. Oh, thee must understand for it is personifying.”Continue reading “Passages of Our”

Pray to Him with all yourself

Remember, reconsider, oh, study.Ye must study for thy sake,Or else what do you want to say?Ye say, I can’t, but I say, you study. The study, study, and study,What do thee think if I say, the Lord,No, I mean, our Holy Creator,Pray to Him with all yourself. Oh, oh, the ring bells like, how couldContinue reading “Pray to Him with all yourself”

He thoughts that she never appears

Was he fantasying himself to get the right woman?He did wish to get his fantasy to become real,But why wouldn’t he try to find her in his reality?He liked the feeling that he imagined of her,He liked it so much than one ever know or imagine.Sometimes he went out to look for her but neverContinue reading “He thoughts that she never appears”


Dear readers 🙂 I would like to share you two images from my book called A Collection of My Unspoken Deepest Thoughts: Volume 1. Read below: You can see that I use personification to describe word that define emotion or philosophy… Normally I would not ask people to buy my books because I like themContinue reading “MY BOOK!”