Life or death

Life goes, and he does his things, is what Lifelike,But Death records all Life’s accords.Oh, how could ye live forever?If He, our Holy Creator let ye live forever,Here I will come to thou and sayth,Teach it to me so that I may learn, good luck,The world has all the records inside their soils.So, how couldContinue reading “Life or death”

I would tell thee so many things

How could thee carry with thy yoke?The yoke imprisons our Mother Earth,Oh, oh, ye fight with me ‘cause thou art not happy,But, but, and but I would tell thee so many things,Alas, thee would flee to But, and say excuses,Like me, that also flee to him with excuses,I cannot fly, I cannot behave like ourContinue reading “I would tell thee so many things”