Super provoking BUT

My writing is for the world to read what I thinkYou are so great, man, woman, child, boy, and girlYou are so great, but when they don’t see youThey tell others, how could a child, boy or girlUnderstand the high level of poetry or proseWhatever you want to call what it isBut poetry, poetry, poetry,Continue reading “Super provoking BUT”

What ye in thine way

If a name Feel tells you to thinkGet up, out of your thoughts!Thee need sweets to light upOr thou think if I am awesome,Then act like one that you shouldProvoke, I know how it feelsWhen someone is provoking themselvesTo seek out their own nestRubbish is shown, everyone opens their eyesAlso, their noses are wide-openingThen someoneContinue reading “What ye in thine way”

You cannot be biased on your own for the world

God wants you to love me,But somebody asks, which God?Your God or mine?And other might say, the godsOh yes, the gods with small capitals,But if the answer is no, the Gods with big capitals,Does it mean, We want you to love me,Or the Holy Ones want you to understand me,But the old-time where people wouldContinue reading “You cannot be biased on your own for the world”

Belief is Unstoppable

SHEEP. Wolf and Lion, you cannot stop me.WOLF. I can help you – we need you, my friend.LION. I can lead you since I am like a king.SHEEP. I need nothing! I don’t need you two!I fight for Sheep- not — not for Wolf nor Lion!I don’t eat meat but grass! You like my meats!What are they doing? WhatContinue reading “Belief is Unstoppable”

Confront the bitter to get out of the poetry

My mind swims into the pool of poetry,But the rippling prose thanks to every drop from the above.I thank You, said I to Him, in the pool of poetry,I honour You with my thoughts, even if I disappoint myself,Like I was depressed, low feelings, and probably a hypocrite.Why do I think I was hypocritical? IContinue reading “Confront the bitter to get out of the poetry”

Am I talking to myself?

The imagination’s words flow,What does your heart say? Searcher:  What did my heart say to me? Searcher is digging inside him, and his soul whispers to him,“Searcher, the Miracle Creator is with you.“ Searcher:  Did I imagine? Or was it real? Searcher is digging inside him, he looks everywhere, and he finds nothing is suspicious. Searcher:  Surely, IContinue reading “Am I talking to myself?”

Different function in the body

I give you a slice of bread, said my head,And my tummy said I eat the bread.My heart said me give you faith,But my soul said I wait for you.What you waited for? said my path.Now you see, who are you? Which one is thou?Thee tell the body, which one,You or soul or heart orContinue reading “Different function in the body”

A stream of too much words

My mind was like a stream of distortion,Distraction, too many words, traffic.He knows, but methinks, He knew.It is Him that He is our Holy Creator,But I don’t mean Him as a male, He is not a man nor a woman,But a word He who needs no one but Himself.They said a mother gives life toContinue reading “A stream of too much words”


The imagination planes on the view, Bee is in it, and Windy looks at him, She said I carry your wings whatever you need, Because my spirit is always with you. The imagination planes on the world, Bee flies all around it, and Windy quickly grabs him, She said, forgive me that I blow you,Continue reading “ALL IS WELL IN THE AIR”