Confront the bitter to get out of the poetry

My mind swims into the pool of poetry,
But the rippling prose thanks to every drop from the above.
I thank You, said I to Him, in the pool of poetry,
I honour You with my thoughts, even if I disappoint myself,
Like I was depressed, low feelings, and probably a hypocrite.
Why do I think I was hypocritical? I told you that I love animals,
But I eat some of them, hm, and I told you that I love peace,
But I have anger, hm, and I told you that I love our Holy One,
But I have sinned before Him, so how many times I told you that I love,
Well, my thoughts, the Miracle, the Miracle, that’s chanting,
Like when the ripple drops a drop, the pool of poetry wave, to the endless of the edge.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Published by This Engrained Heart

I am a Deaf male, and I write what comes my mind. I have been creatively writing since 2010, and from there has been growing my excitement and passionate for my poetry and writing.

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