So Mysterious

I thank myself for the miraculous safety,And I thank you for your peace and patience,And also, I thank the Earth for her understanding,But hence, she will do what’s right for her sphere,Like I would caress my body. Listen, man, woman, child, boy, and girl,Our bodies are like the Earth, but not exactly, of course,But weContinue reading “So Mysterious”

The imagination’s music

The imagination’s music. I can tell you how to live your life,But I can’t show you to your path,For I am not your God or your Lord,I am like you that we strive for the great,But methinks, we can live the way we want,If you and I have some strength left,So, let us eat theContinue reading “The imagination’s music”

I made up my mind

I made up my mind,That I shall write unlimited words out of my soul,And I shall also pour out my water from the river,And I shall be like the river that keeps moving forward. Have I seen a river that moves backward?I know not where if there is, for now, I know it’s floating forward,LikeContinue reading “I made up my mind”

The breath shall remind me

My soul stays with my body,But I ask, which one is me?Am I my consciousness,Or is subconsciousness controlling me? I am a man who likes questioning,What shall I be? And who am I really?Why can’t I master my body one hundred percent?Too many thoughts through my head If I master my body one hundred percent,IContinue reading “The breath shall remind me”

Say it out of the air

You disappoint me.Issues of tone in your languageAt least I speak the truth, not the closing-heart.Well, I disappoint you for what.You are defending because you don’t like the truth.Well, I don’t like your tone.My tone, well done for focusing on it, not the truth, you know.What? You hurtNo, we hurt the Earth for not beingContinue reading “Say it out of the air”

Hygge (A collaborative poem)

Dear everyone, Joy and I wrote this fourth collaborative poem called Hygge. Her writing is in italic and mine is bold. Hygge tell thee, how is thine comfort zoneHygge is a personification but a word of nameHe tells thee, my comfort zone is emptyFor I travel out of it, and never return to itI amContinue reading “Hygge (A collaborative poem)”

I know I have been…

Dear everyone,I know I have been reducing my writings daily,The reason is that I have not been myself lately. Dear everyone,I know I should have kept writing like I did in the beginning,That I was passionate about my blog,But there’s one thingOne thing that I don’t think there’s any better about my wordsSometimes methinks noContinue reading “I know I have been…”