I see a powerful healer in mind,They smile, and they are truthful to everything else,But the mind shall not be my colonisation,I shall be the one to colonise my mind. Time to remember everything is 10 percent,And the rest of 90 percent is me, my reaction.Thee remember that is true, aye, 90 percent,The mind shallContinue reading “CONTROL MIND”

The Wind Of Feeling

My heart walks into a feeling,Just as true as the Lord please,And to an angel,He stands below the Miracle. More than one angel themselvesHave no doubt what He does.It’s the fire in my heart,And the stubborn of my light,That inspires in my blood,And the faith in my body –My mind is Deaf not HearingSo that’sContinue reading “The Wind Of Feeling”

Curve the discourse

Have you come to the fantasy? If yes, have you, or have not you?Some people want what they want to believe, but I want to ask,Ask, ask, ask, and ask a question that provides an answer. Thee yell at the seller, why did thou start selling?It was thou that started it, aye it was youContinue reading “Curve the discourse”

Like the peeling of an onion

For the Miracle knows the way of the goodness:The way the Miracle uplift the goodwill.Therefore the peace shall stand in the judgment,That the peace in the understanding’s rightThe peace is so: is like the kind which drives to calm.And shall be like understanding by the wisdom,That bring the peace to the Great Miracle –His PeaceContinue reading “Like the peeling of an onion”

The Fantasy whisper to him, have you come…

The right arm is holding on the right chin,He looks like he’s smiting,But the soul is good and powerfulEnough for people to feel we are safe.He lifts himself from the throne,And praise his hands to the sky,Saying, my people are sinful, but I prayPray, pray, and pray for the hope to bless us,But his eyesContinue reading “The Fantasy whisper to him, have you come…”


If they ask me about my loveI would say she is great the great loveBut I would go far to say, she is miraculousShe is the love of my life, and I pray LOVETo with us forever and everLet me go to the utopia, the fantasy, everythingLet them hear me out of my thoughtsThe truthContinue reading “[ IF THEY ASK ME ABOUT MY LIFE ]”