Oh, could it be a paradox?

Light, light, look! Is he lost?
Time is ripping, oh, he will rewrite
What, what hope do they fear?
In the game, what does one think the world is peaceful?
Should his woman sing a lyric
Enough to shine all over the map
What imagines does she has in her mind?
Fairy, sunrise, rainbow, oh, such rich, and spirit
But how can dusk be a shadow? Should she sing a song?
Sing no to the dirty, no to the flood of runaway!
What smoke clouds their judgments?
Sharp, should it be unbroken, like an eternal gem
Oh, what gems is it a puzzle in the riddle?
One might wonder if it is melody, or is it its charm?
What hero should he be when she kisses his name?
Dance, say agony thing to the war, end all the liars,
Oh, too many traces, too many things to learn to trust
But who should she invite for his picnic?
Surely, all is a riddle, and all is mysterious, oh, could it be a paradox?

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Published by This Engrained Heart

I am a Deaf male, and I write what comes my mind. I have been creatively writing since 2010, and from there has been growing my excitement and passionate for my poetry and writing.

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