Can I set myself free?

The want is in my heart,Like we all want more money,More money for our desire. I seek out of my heart, I want some things, but they are not free,Unless if I make things, I will be free, but my hunger bothers,With opening hand, I want food and drink cause I am hungry,Feed me withContinue reading “Can I set myself free?”

So much serve

There are words in my thoughts,God wants you to understand Him,But you made up your mind,God is the Miracle Creator,And you said, give me your Creator’s wordSo that I may make our Creator’s word.We heard you say in your thoughts,Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Ramiel, Raguel, Sariel,And the Lucky Lady.Indeed, we heard you, indeed, did we hearContinue reading “So much serve”

Root From Seed

A good man who walk the light path,Is a man to keep the faith-hopeFor a good man to walk the good, wise-truth,He can discover more about freedom. That good people do need to act,While their goodness will find a way around –When a good man appears, he’s peace;He will speak the understanding that hope. ©️Continue reading “Root From Seed”

Peace’s reason to stop War

PeaceWhat happened to you was terrible. WarI tried your way, my former friend, my foe.I tried to be like you, my former best.Live like you, but our Lord always gaveHis Best on you more than me, my dear, foe.I ran myself away from our Lord.Now, since you are here before my presence,I will take everythingContinue reading “Peace’s reason to stop War”

#Riddle #metaphor

While the devil’s hands have taken controlThe Miracle Creator is shown to the truthA man among mankind he will open eyesVia soul to the whole fact that when theAngel rise up the Angel shall rememberBecause of what good is there to theMiracle Creator as long as Will is WillAs the Invincible is the Non-ConquerLike oneContinue reading “#Riddle #metaphor”


BeneathA word is something to think about what’s necessary,But thee think, a little bit of what can save us, WhoaWait, wait a bit. I need my eyes staying by both of you,Because I need to understand where it begins and where to end it. RiddleI love you because you found me, but you also loveContinue reading “Likewise”

Let The Earth Follow

The SkyYour lands will be the green, the height of your mountain, and my clouds will look after it with the thousands of thousands of thousands of forever – will be fictional. And your oceans will be the blue, and your waves will tell every shore of its good deeds and the waving of noContinue reading “Let The Earth Follow”

God wants you to love me…

God wants you to love me, But He also wants me to love you, So tell me, what should I do with love? God wants you to love me, So what should you do with me? I ask you not of gay nor lesbian even straight ones, I ask you as a person, man orContinue reading “God wants you to love me…”

Swift the show on the mystery

I act believably for when I amFrom the songs and the loves;I bear life shine for when I willIn the riddle, dreams of hope,From my beliefs are lighten.The hope that dreams wakenThe heaven thought every lo,Rest on me to the mysterious,Wield the thought of safety,And lighten the majestic feeling,And run it in watering like sun,AndContinue reading “Swift the show on the mystery”