The Time Turner

Do you walk to the holy place?Yes, I am.Where are your angels?Do not worry; they are going to be here.Why do you think I asked?You still doubt me.Let’s get your angels.They will be here soon.No, let’s get your angels.I said –They are here.Help them with your kindness.You are the reason every angel,Are here, I knowContinue reading “The Time Turner”

Global Warming

What is the Earth doing now? Global Warming! Time to stop saying what you like about her weathers If you dislike the summer, time to change to like it, If you dislike the winter, time to change to like it, If you dislike Global Warming, what can you? Tell me, what can you do withContinue reading “Global Warming”

Why should he?

Why should he?Why should he saves one another when they can lie?The world still in the hands of knowledge, evil and goodHe is wondering what God can do to these sinners,But God sent prophets to deliver the same message,What is the same message? He tells his heart to feel,Why should he saves one another whenContinue reading “Why should he?”