Surely it is your job

Ye believed the faith beforeAnd now still ye with the faith?It gave ye a miracle of thine life,So, be faithful who has taught thyself,Thine belief, but thee, have to focus,On the good feelingsSurely, love will not reject you,Nor will thy spiritBut it is your job that thee must feel,All the good things in ye ©️Continue reading “Surely it is your job”

Pray for me

I have been thinking of thine life,How should I make thou happy,So I went up to the Lord of the Prayer,I said, Ye, the Lord, our Holy Creator,May Thee be with me so that I may,Make thou a happier person in the world,But moody was I sometimes, so pray for me. ©️ Ismael Mansoor

Cherish your life

Cherish your life, and your life will cherish you.Keep cherishing it will nourish your cherishing! Nourish all your thoughts, and respect it as a healing mentality.Keep nourishing your mentality will dance with like hallelujah. Know your status; and know the self of you, and one another of living creatures.Know your planet it is your motherContinue reading “Cherish your life”


A day is forever a day, and so does forever night,So, he says, dare not if ye dare to look down on thyself,And she says, do not go there if thou art low-esteem,And they say, do not do it if thou doth not know what thee art doing. Life itself will not wait for thou,Continue reading “THE TIME IS ESSENTIAL”

A dream’s prophetic

A dream’s prophetic From the old age to the future of peaceThe old war will reduce by time to time,That at the end he will win for all peace,But to that happen he will be merciful,With the help of the Miracle MakerBecause of his kindness that cheers his heartSo the old age to the futureContinue reading “A dream’s prophetic”

The wording in apprehension

What a day, said the simple, what a night,How well in ye of thine life?And the tiny simple said, how well in ye?The form to the core said the riddle,What such work to such noble in thine reason,How to ignore art thou, aw, look at the poverty,Those are such a day, such a night, suchContinue reading “The wording in apprehension”

Peaceful advice

Peace, peace, and peace,This I called, peace!I sail on my water to the ripple,Saying to them like, hold thine horse! Peace, peace, and peace,This calm, wide-openhearted, the time of inner’s peace,Aye, by the doorway, it awaits, and here I say like,I saw the sparkle, at the edge, glowing such inner being,In the spirit, the fire,Continue reading “Peaceful advice”