Inner’s Power

The inner’s power,The power to believe in itself,But ye ask me not for what thou should do,I am not thine inner power I am thy friend or family,I am what thee think of me, in thine world.But the fate should I focus upon mine, so should thou too,For we are our own inner worlds thatContinue reading “Inner’s Power”

Thine free will

I am my free will, so do you, but the thoughts, “One man not free all men free?”It is our minds that scripts our thoughts, saying like, up to ye to thine will.I can say that life helps ye 10%, but ye help thine self 90%. Well, what doth I with 90% that offers myContinue reading “Thine free will”

Love is not biased

Thy love is thine understanding how much is in thy heart,But the love itself is the understanding of the one,How can thee walketh in the love’s shoesIf ye say you love thy family, but not some of your friends,How can thine relatives love thine cow while you slaughter them?Ye say to me, thou art hunger,Continue reading “Love is not biased”

A Surreal Sonnet

The birds flew unto the sky, and they wavedThe air, O the different volume ofBlue, that it could merge to the volume ofPurple- it must be hearty love was paved;A couple toyed their mouths with each other,And their lips cast a symbol’s DoverThat winged the love out of them, O a treeAnd some plants, theyContinue reading “A Surreal Sonnet”

Hoping the world chooses the Miracle Way

You choose what you want, yeah I tell you, choose what you want,Because no one can choose for you but yourself,Choose what you want, but I will tell you what I choose,I choose what the Miracle needs, yeah, I choose the Miracle needs. You choose to love, to adore, to kiss, to hold, to whateverContinue reading “Hoping the world chooses the Miracle Way”

nature is essential

Nothing can ye change the heart of the trees,’cause they will grow forever,Or else doth thou haveth any miraculous idea?No thanks to the destructive idea,But I pray thee for us to give thanks to the trees,For it is them that covers the air all over the Earth,Or thou can explain those things to me asContinue reading “nature is essential”

Followers seek the path of righteousness

If thou, a follower to the outside world, shall never find what they seek,But if thou, a follower to the inner world, shall find it, for ye, an understanding,How ye understand one another if thou doth not understand thyself, thy own book,Or else, should the perfect honours ye that thou are holy, such 100% non-sinContinue reading “Followers seek the path of righteousness”