It is all on you

When focusing on the breath,Thou doth not feel stress.But if thee feel stress,Does it mean that you hardly inhale? Being grateful for what you have is better,Than being ungrateful for what you don’t have The mind is proof that you can or can’t –It is all on your attitude. © Ismael Mansoor

Impactful for thine life

They let you know that they areGrateful for the world to love our CreatorBecause it is a magical beliefBut,They doth not agree with the destruction method,Well, how can ye force somebody to do sin? They will let ye pour out about our Creator,Like how proud you are with thy beliefBut,If thy judgement is for yourContinue reading “Impactful for thine life”

My mind roamed

Wizard, Wizard, and Wizard, my mind roamed, Wizard!If you are a wizard, what would you or what you wouldHmm, I want to think, yeah, I want, so, if you are the wizard,What would you like to be? Oh, there are many different kinds,Of the wizards, which one you like to be, light or dark?Brown orContinue reading “My mind roamed”

Sympathise with me

I want to tell you something a bit about me,But I went too far with the creative words,Writing those sentences that form well-grammar,Like Old English and my second English language,Reading everyone’s English Language that they are different. Don’t try to change the subject, don’t delay to tell you,A bit about me, thus, though may itContinue reading “Sympathise with me”

Let’s share our thoughts

If he says, ye shall have what thou want,But ye shall share what thou have.Oh, doth not fight, oh, hold thine line,Doth not fight, obey the Creator, doth not fight. If he says, how can ye act like a selfish and greed mind?Our Creator keeps the Sun, sunshines the Earth for us,Whether if we artContinue reading “Let’s share our thoughts”

Meditation is for thy body

If I look inside my body,My soul may have instructed me, But I to ye, saying like,Will you meditate in order to listen? If ye want thy soul to talk to thou,How will thee if can’t be quietening thy mind?Some said that the prayer is better to be quiet,Than the public to show how wellContinue reading “Meditation is for thy body”

Your Faith Will Take You Everywhere

Ye can do anything thou desire,But is thy faith strong enough,To move a mountain? To believe is to trust thyself,The ability of thine gifts,But if thou doth not think so,Let ye be true, better than be a false, Then perhaps, ye will feel thine inner world,Like ye to thy spirit that voice for thou ©Continue reading “Your Faith Will Take You Everywhere”