Calming Waters

Where must I go?Where can I find the inner calm?I believe in what I am going to do,I have faith that one day,I will be able to know where I go,I will be able to find inner calm. Thee seek that peeks upon ye,Then Old English might define,I will feed you with such a riddle,ButContinue reading “Calming Waters”

Feel what I assume

In the Book of the Universe, our stories are writing upon it. In the Book of the Universe, our hidden stories are also writing upon it. Therefore, our hidden thoughts and hidden felts are showing upon it. No matter what we do, we cannot hide from the Book of the Universe. We different living organismsContinue reading “Feel what I assume”

We need a lot more of kindness on this earth

If I am like the master of silence,And if you too happen to be,Then please don’t tell me,“Why you never talk with me,”Or, “Hi, stranger.” They said it’s rude to say,“When are you getting married?”Because you put pressure on them,And they also said it’s rude to say,“Why are you so fat? Why are you soContinue reading “We need a lot more of kindness on this earth”