Understand this…

Positive, what I say?
Who am I calling to the Creator?
Are not that something
Want to see the Creator in reality
And getting to know our Miracle Creator
Freedom with the words, free to speak
And stay with the Creator?
I’d told our Holy One, ask something
And that’s why I had that feel
Understand this

I thought, “Understand this,”
They are trying to say something
Thoughtful, “Understand this,”
They are something

When I was thinking, that wasn’t even what I called it
That’s why I keep thinking now and run with the fantasy
Coming from my heart
And, in my thoughts, it’s mixed
Have I found the Creator?
A feeling full of the question when I roll
Searching on as I keep going
Life is a big question
Take the studying ones, and it will help
Because it can figure out all in
And then my question calling
For the answer

I thought, “Understand this,”
They are trying to say something
Thoughtful, “Understand this,”
They are something

Understand this,
They want to label me an understanding man
Because I’m searching on my questions
For being understanding of a question when I find an answer
I can see it
They inspired me to see all the sides
That stick in the understanding, plotting on what it got
And then I wonder why my thoughts were struggling
It was but a try to see it through all and then,
Like being a true friend is the soulful person to be?
It got me thinking a lot, far more than ten thoughts,
And that what it is, I better stay on the Creator’s side,
Saying like, understand this

I thought, “Understand this,”
They are trying to say something
Thoughtful, “Understand this,”
They are something

Heather, understand this, and hither, understand this
I hear my thoughts were chanting, understand this

They want to know if I claim goodness,
Then hither I whether thitherto, well,
And if I am thoughtful by this
Long as I get answers to my questions
Heather, this is life, and I’m in it,
I have been through even if I don’t understand
Then it’s back to the corner where I understand again
Well, the water is running around me,
Oh, those levels of water are different to all that you know
With these treasure = worth, improve my understanding
The Miracle is preparing for all and all its deed,
A straight thought who are diving the fate of its role,
Saying like, understand this

© Ismael Mansoor

Published by This Engrained Heart

I am a Deaf male, and I write what comes my mind. I have been creatively writing since 2010, and from there has been growing my excitement and passionate for my poetry and writing.

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