Random let me wander into his world


Plight thine heart, the pilgrimage!
Our Holy Creator told me, well, when my soul,
Aw, eish, well, in the background, Encourage,
How do I put words into an easy understanding?
Pause told me that I don’t understand why,
But it was Silence who told Pause, right?
Well, I had always wanted to meet our Holy Creator,
Because I am just tired to hear too much from the world,
But Belief wants me to support Faith,
Because the door is opening wide and available,
But no one goes in, and no one knows it, aye, no one,
But Secret is glad that she has that chance,
Well, too many personifications, maybe riddles, who knows?


I would gladly have the Miracle on my side,
Perhaps if the world welcomes our Holy Creator,
That will be miraculous,
That is what a miracle does.
Well, hmm, how do you put words into such a marvellousness?
How about this one? The world challenges Sin,
And Sin welcomes it then- Sin get defeated,
How great will it be? Such greatness!
Then Religious comes to me, are you devoting to a God?
Then might I say, no, no, not a God, but the Creator,
The One, who made you, me, and everything else,
But ye want a name? I only have the Name of the Personification,
The Miracle Creator, or our Holy Creator, or the One?
Well, might it be the Name of the Reference- I don’t know,
Well, I could not know, but Random let me wander into his world,
Thinking as I stand on the Bridge between the Hearing and Deaf world,
Well, it is how I think when Logic explains the words,
Saying like, I look for the Almighty of the Creator,
At first, Hypocrite acts so scaredly, until he stops hypocritically,
Then Truth holds me, without words,
Scene change, the holy sees all that it knows in the pilgrimage,
Wonders, Wisdom, such Genius,
Remembrance will never forget the days spent with Hypocrite,
Well played, then gotcha no more,
Such is riddle trying to script such a tablet,
Star words of the Miracle!


Well, Imagination is glad that he met me,
But Riddle has known me for a long time,
But not me, for I am still learning,
So this what it learns for,
It’s much more knowledge than anything I,
Well, Pause approaches me, saying like,
Silence calls you.

Inspired by Final Fantasy X
© Ismael Mansoor

Published by This Engrained Heart

I am a Deaf male, and I write what comes my mind. I have been creatively writing since 2010, and from there has been growing my excitement and passionate for my poetry and writing.

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