We must be the rock that welcomes the rain upon us


Shepherd truly understands the guiding role of its responsibility,
But I seem to be in a state of the question.
Why did you slaughter sheep to say hello to my stomach?
Did you join the force with Brainwash?
And how did you cloud my judgment with Brainwash?
He let me be in a state of confusion,
So here I seem in the state of the question,
Why did you call me out of the blue and made me eat dead meats?
Ye say meat, but Vegan says the dead-meats!
The dead meats cannot be reproducing, oh it cannot,
But Vegan will say thee of the simple,
And you know the answer,
Well, here it goes, the fruits and vegetables are not the dead meats,
But thou, well, sayeth, the dead plants.
What is it with ye trying to deny something that has been knowing for a long time,
But short on believing?
All the magnetisations in related to the work of the law of attraction,
Well, ye attract thine thoughts then deliver it into thine action,
But if those thoughts of thine are not attractive enough, it is hard to deliver,
But no excuse! We must be the rock that welcomes the rain upon us,
Then wait for it to dry up, but the plants will thank us,
Because it is us the rock that delivers the rain to the plants through the stream,


Conflict belongs to the chaos in his mind,
Saying like, a temple for a body is worse when Conflict is here,
But I say what, I worry what will become of Sin,
But no, shouted Shepherd.
We must be the rock that welcomes the rain upon us,
To create paths to the life of plants, as well as the soils.
Still short on believing?


Dear Mister and Ms,
Shepherd must tell thee, your support has been a great assist,
But can we turn our table to Peace, not a fake one?


Public shall arrange an audience with the world,
Saying like, do not walk away from our fate,
So, please dispose of thine conflict side.
Hey, hey, wait said Hypocrite, what is all that about?
Beings like me have become Sin’s only hope,
So, you have all the strength to dispose of us,
Including the Seven Deadly Sins?
Amusing, said Public,
Just what does Hypocrite think he can get away with?
How can you get away if you don’t change yourself?
Time to teach the world some miraculous manners!
Yes, let’s do it, said Peace, and Victory smiles,
But why are you two here? You must go and defeat Sin quickly!
You two have obtained the Miracle from the Holy, have you two not?


Comfort-Zone said, fools! Closed minds!
Do you realise what Ignorance has done?
Fear has taken away the only means of loving all!
Malice cried Serious,
But Truth has not lost its only hope,
The Miracle is inevitable,
The riddle of circles will paradox it all,
Then Pause has no desire to watch it all,
Well, he who sees the souls of all,
Only can he save them,
But such Fantasy says we won’t die!

Inspired by Final Fantasy X
© Ismael Mansoor

Published by This Engrained Heart

I am a Deaf male, and I write what comes my mind. I have been creatively writing since 2010, and from there has been growing my excitement and passionate for my poetry and writing.

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