Alright, I leave here in peace.

I order you to love yourself. What about you? Hey, I ordered you to love yourself! And I asked, what about you? How can you defy a king? Do I defy you? You defy the king to love yourself. And should I say, you defy your love? Guards. How can you be a king whenContinue reading “Alright, I leave here in peace.”

Just my curious

Today most we say that not good to marryOur siblings because it’s better to marryThat’s not our relations nor our bloodBut back to the ancient where there wasJust one man and one woman where thereWas no one among the two of themSo she begets a child, then childrenSo what happened to those children?Were they marriedContinue reading “Just my curious”

All there whatever holds

I walk to the house of Magic,She welcomes me with her enchantment,And an aisle from it cords of the house of Magic,To the house of Miracle, all herein secrets,And all therein whatever holds all secrets,Heather, both of it are connecting,Well, there I am within. Fantasy He goest to seest me with his strength,Then hither yeContinue reading “All there whatever holds”

Like my moody

Come, come, Fruits will feed you,Hence, Vegetable also nutrient thou,So all may have what is good in all,Such like we will help each other,Then ye, well, hitherto, oh, another,Such riddle is it to confront all waterfalls Granadilla dash and say like,Bitter, why did ye touch me?People want Sugar by my side,Because they demand Merry. SuchContinue reading “Like my moody”

Alphabetical Hand Shapes To Tell A Story

Transcription: A:We put our drinks down. B:Left side (LS) sign B: Hello.Right side (RS) NMF: Likewise. C:LS NMF: I’m laughing because he looks funny.RS sign C: I pick up my drink and drink, it is so bitter that it makes me look at it sourly, and I put it back down. D:LS NMF: I turnContinue reading “Alphabetical Hand Shapes To Tell A Story”

ONe within

The Earth is like one body, and we are inside it. Ye have one body, and many organs are inside thou. So most we have heard that in the ancient time we used to live up to 1000, but today it is mostly less than 100. It is like anciently time. That we used toContinue reading “ONe within”

Love is one of the most powerful tools

O, Love will live in this life forever,O, no matter what thou willeth sayeth of Love,Here I saith to thee, Love is mysterious.And I do think that Love is victory,Because Love live in this life forever,Felt my heart, if you are forever inLove can makest ye an immortal person. ©Ismael Mansoor