Freewill Expression Of My Love

She said he is sad,But she loves him, yet also love him when he is happy.Well, she said he is happy,But she loves him more, yet also far more loving him,Like I am a Jupiter in her universe, wait, no,I am the only one who is so large than everything elseBut forgive me if yeContinue reading “Freewill Expression Of My Love”

I want our business to bloom

Brainstorm,He goest to see her, why?He tells her, thine time for business is a must,For our world needs thee to makest it happens,So, can I be thine pillar, perhaps thine road-maker? Brainstorm,She fuels her passion, so well done that she has listened,Her business blossom, like a volcano all of sudden,But aye, mercy, merry, marvellous, allContinue reading “I want our business to bloom”

The Mystical of our Theory

Alight, my friend!Good to see you.Yes, me too.So, where is my love?She is flying in the cloud.Pardon?You’re a poet, my friend.My love is flying in the –Cloud.Which is the cloud?I cannot tell.There’re so many cloudsYes, my friend.Where might my love be?I say again, flying in the –Which one of the clouds?Ask the sky he’s all-knowing.All-knowing?Continue reading “The Mystical of our Theory”


You know, you are being taken advantage of who you are hurt so much in a way they don’t appreciate who you are, and they toy you like mud, its hurt that they can’t let you become stronger alone when they are around. Because they keep taking advantage of you because of their lies, theirContinue reading “Advantage”

Happiness Provides?

I want you to be happy, but I don’t know howHow can I know everything 100% inside you?If you show me 100% inside, I would knowOh, I want you to be happy, I do want you,To be happy, well, how can I make you happy?They said first to make the world happyThen might you selfContinue reading “Happiness Provides?”

The Problem Still Exists

What sign do you think if you saw something like a poster? But I see it differently. I see to what sign is a language to who cannot speak well, but you, eish, you called them, Dumb and Mute. Hence, it was a long time ago. What, what? Why did you shut down Sign Language?Continue reading “The Problem Still Exists”

The Lost Girl

A girl who lost,Her dignity,Her way,Her integrity,Her heart, mind and soul. She lost her own perspective views,Her beliefs,Her conscience,Her respect,Her inner peace, emotions and strength. All of these were scattered,All over.She has to find all of her parts,Piece by piece.To restore her entity.Although her entity is restored,It is disfigured.A woman who was lost,Has found herContinue reading “The Lost Girl”

Go to whatever I have in mind…

Go to whatever Saying like, Bestow! I will go up to a mountain of fantasy, And that mountain is a symbol of all, But ye dash to Uncertainty, what is it? She would characterise, and she would formulate Go to whatever Saying like, Bestow! © Ismael Mansoor