My dream was showing me…

I dreamt that I was flying,But there were many obstacles,Yet I flew through them all,Always something to explore,Fade, different places, and new dimension,There I was flying around the Earth,Then a sphere let me in,Everything looked like an ancient sphere. ©️ Ismael Mansoor


I have always attached to “connection”.In my view of “connection”, It’s part of the core of my being.  Connection is meaningful.In everything to give you wholeIn feeling to give you confidenceIn reading to give you discernment In music to give you the pleasure of expressionsIn poetry, to understand complexity,In art, to give you a deep representative,In solvingContinue reading “Connection”

Different Atmospheres Within Myself

And somehow Personification came to me,I am here to define what was inside thou,So that you may understand every one bit of them,Like Pause made you think twice,And like Metaphor made you see all the pictures,And like Paradox made you unlock all the hidden ones,Yeah? Saviour and Understanding made you open yourself,And view all within,Continue reading “Different Atmospheres Within Myself”