The mysterious thoughts…

I will go to solve all therein the world, said Patience unto Demand, but will I bring Kindness with me so that they may be at their ease.

He hither that he knows whithersoever he goes, but she also goes her way to make the world smiles even beyond the sky they smile.

Unto Riddle that has written, “Ye first know thine self then one another. Henceforth that might be thou shalt knowest the world as the whole book.”

If ye lo at a living organism, would ye think of them as life? Or never thought of this way? But He who made everything has made Him wait for Understanding to be winning in every aspect of life.

Yet she unto her belief, if Kindness could not defeat Greed then should she summons Victory, and Greed smites their thoughts in front of Victory, saith like why Victory?!

That was how Victory allows herself to be summoned by Kindness or Patience, for she knew his brother Greed more than the world knows Greed, which they why Victory smiles among Kindness and Patience before Greed.

Which was the reason-why Victory left Greed in place of Patience, and history knew Greed well said Victory unto Kindness, that is why I as Victory is here with thee instead of with Greed.

Then Victory remembers the Miracle that already sits on the Throne. Then she chooses Him over Greed. Rejoice, all are clapping with, and we see Greed’s true blood brother, Non-Greed.

From him to her, thy time will be thine that everyone should knowest ye of thine kind which reveals in the strength of physicality.

Will I come said Repetition unto Riddle, still will I come unto the world to amend all the minds within, even all therein will I come to heal, like an hourglass, its time running out will I come unto Magic, then will I cometh to thou, saith like, art thou ready?

I still want to say, said Rain unto Repetition, that will I come to wet Land and keeps Sea feed. Therefore will I like a comer out of Cloud to remind Sky saith like, here I am.

Still go on that will I come unto Soil, said Water unto Riddle, wherever am I to whither that all there is to heather, then will I like a giver that satisfies one another.

To me, He does for Earth and also beyond her. All outwards even all inside every living species.

But woe unto Greed said Hypocrite, woe unto them who are greeds, and woe unto their companions, but also woe unto me, and them who are hypocrites.

Riddle plays with the toy of words for Figurer to reveal why all riddles.

When I dreamt that I saw people were talking about God, I was not me, but somebody else that I was acting in him, the leader of his team suddenly came in, “God is not mine but Our. There is no my God except Ours.”

Woe unto Sin and his seven deadly sins, said Provoke, woe unto them that ills the Earth, but also woe to them in enjoying evils of their selves. Henceforth woe unto wicked souls who smile with Greed, Hypocrite, even Mislead and all of the woes unto their companions.

Ya, more coming, said Saviour, and there more keep coming, well therein whereas Peace. Unto us, that know who woe unto. But herewith I henceforth that I pledge the coming unto those. Who believes not in Goodness. Thus will I tell more of the coming who woe unto, and who is not which unto.

If you do not understand that I write Old English, then forgive me that uses them for within me I cannot resist it.

Wherever Peace is, he is something that we do not know why he is not yet here, but Fake-Peace is hurrying up to take all he can, beforetime his fate ends up by Peace, saith like thou hath fake thyself by acting me.

Oh Old English will go to Literature,
Saith like from methinks, Return
Then back to Old English to pure,
Or thought alone myself

© Ismael Mansoor

Published by This Engrained Heart

I am a Deaf male, and I write what comes my mind. I have been creatively writing since 2010, and from there has been growing my excitement and passionate for my poetry and writing.

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