Define Thyself

Find him, and I will reward ye, but also find her, also will I reward ye, but if he finds me first, I will reward him triple. But if he finds her with the world to find me, I will reward them abundantly.

The souls of Peace said unto the souls of Fake-Peace, How canst ye live among us? Does that know the fake of living every day up to the standard of the law? Well, may the people of Hope come upon, saith like, How well can we solve all therein our mentalities? We need to make peace with our first enemy minds.

The thoughts in me that saith like, I have many things to tell thee of my wonders, a dream in many dreams, which is yet to fantasy, then whither I toward that I hence well in the strength of the promise to step down all the unnecessary thoughts.

Whithersoever that we go to do our things, then we pray unto ourselves, may the world be with Safety

He knew he must eat and drink, but yet, still he also knew that faith in fasting could save his body. Once a body knows what fasting is to itself, then all inside will follow all the rests. Neither bad nor disobey, but who in the world can master the body?

The simplicity unto saying, “I make known to thou that ye mayest understand me clear. Even I make known to myself in intending for thee to understand thyself, then hence hither may I seest the Show unto the world of us.”

He will tell thee, like, “How can I voice in place of Woman while Life unto me as Man? I can only voice in place of Experience what I as Man have with Woman.”

He tells thee it not of the full-truth, but he shew ye to find out in thine path that seeks the full-truth. Neither shall thou faileth, nor shall Lie bind ye.

He that hears me is he who can understand me, neither shall Confusion toys thine mind, and neither will there be Cloud-Around-The-Eyes, but he who hears me, see me in his thoughts and understand all herein me that scripts him, but it is him that must tend to his soul.

She who loves me is the foundation in water that is everywhere. Then unto her to me is an eternal love that burns inside her heart. So little will I be angry, and far more than so little that will I love thee!

Never will ye consume the troubled mind with thee, but difficult may it be, but unto thee, thou art a strong woman who stands on the firmness, “I have a dream.” The faith has always been with you, whether if you don’t feel it. Like it has been with you, but the truth, it has always been with you.

He who hears me is the one they will say upon me, is it him the old voice that awakes him? Or is it us that awakes us in hearing him that he thither in thoughts unconsciously?

The day has been here for as long as I canst remember even long enough will history unto night has unfolded to welcome each day. Even unto him, that hears me. And unto his feelings, that knows me. But unto he that does the best to control himself in the sight of the Earth.

He who reads the words within his thoughts is he who does the best to understand all therein him that feels his soul, the Lord of the Worlds may help ye, but how can He help ye if thou doest not help thyself? He who helps himself the Holy Creator helps him many unfolding paths.

Whatever it may be, let him do the good things that are great for the good sake of the world. Oh, if thee hath saith unto thyself that thou willeth doest good things, then I pray thee that the goodness will come unto thee.

I unto my thoughts about the Lord of the Worlds, or may it be our Holy Creator. Which is not yours, nor mine, even not his nor her, even not theirs but ours. Henceforth may I unto Thee, Thank You So Much!

Whithersoever he goest, then he said unto people of the Hope, whatever I do, may ye all be preserved unto the goodness that welcomes the greatness in thee all. And also unto people of Peace and Kindness. And all therein goodness, saith, we unto us that are good in greatness.

Ye would find what is in thy heart if thou let ye be, such as breathing, feeling, the sense to all the movement of thy body.

She thence that they should lo at her as what is in her heart, as a woman who can dwell the goodness within her, she shows then whence that all are riddles.

Whither may I be hence wherever may I be upon a thought or a feeling or my soul that tries me to be fully awake, or heather all herein that I can be wherever yet whithersoever!


Poetry unto me that is like water in every river of the worlds. And its riddles, what comes from within each insider must know each other.


I go which Fantasy bestow me in the place of Sanctuary and from there I unto Words that have been blossoming like every wind that blows every blossom.

Define, then thee to me, saith like, why art thou defining the world that ye think thou knowest? Then I to thee, I define that I see, like the books define that we read.

Thou cometh to me because ye seek in me that waits for a man like to telleth thee something, yet a woman can also tellest ye of her words unto you.

© Ismael Mansoor

Published by This Engrained Heart

I am a Deaf male, and I write what comes my mind. I have been creatively writing since 2010, and from there has been growing my excitement and passionate for my poetry and writing.

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