The Flowers in Her Eyes

My sweetheart,My moonlight shines upon you, my love.Believe me, and believe my love,My eyes knowWhat it saw the cute of star-flowersThat dreams on the street nearThe shore’s lips © Ismael Mansoor

As Will Is Will

While the devil’s hands have taken control The Miracle Creator shows the truth A man among humankind he will open eyes Via soul to the whole fact that when the Angel rise up the Angel shall remember Because of what good is there to the Miracle Creator as long as Will is Will As theContinue reading “As Will Is Will”

Prayer For The Miracle Healings

Thee looketh at me, Why? Can you look at me as I to myself, Not thee to thyself towards me? If ye canst, thou willeth see me as I to myself, Like I see thee as thou to thine self. I wrote many things, even incomplete books. Even the words wrote many grammars inside myContinue reading “Prayer For The Miracle Healings”

Together As One

He made things that were good for thee, but will you make a good thing for me? Then will I make a thing that is good for us? Thence Riddle smiles at us, trying to figure what made things that were good for us. The same word can make many riddles, like, a blue manContinue reading “Together As One”

How will it be Heard?

He went not his way, but wentest the Lord of the way, which he claimed that the Lord is ours. Then went he to her, saith like, Will ye pour a cup of water for me? And she did and gave it to him, and he drank it. Then wentest he to land, and turnContinue reading “How will it be Heard?”

Miracle Falls upon us

An illness remove,Then all the inside rejoice,Belief in healing. The quiet is with me,But also the-break-silence,The words in come-out. All weathers should be,Well, Respect saith, be gentle,Have some kind in us. A riddle shows a picture of a man,He wears clothes of bossman,And his woman is a star,Yet her daughter is a superstar,But his sonContinue reading “Miracle Falls upon us”