We came from her womb

You are Hearing, Nothing is wrong with you; And I am Deaf, Nothing is wrong with me. I may not speak Nor hear very well like you; And you may not sign Nor listen very well like me. Grace is you that speaks and hear; And grace is me that signs and listen. You areContinue reading “We came from her womb”

My Journey & Setbacks

This Engrained Heart, It has been calling me, But I wait, feel, and think, Is it worth it to me? The first year, I wrote so many, And the second year, I wrote less than many, Thence This Engrained Heart lo at me, Saith like, Thou hath so many words in thee; Twitter, Wattpad, Allpoetry,Continue reading “My Journey & Setbacks”

Thence I remembereth

The closed heart,But a raw pain inside,Feeling, when is all well? Then thee wondereth why pain,I tried my best, but not good enough,Everything I tried was not good enough,The raw pain inside, feeling, when is all well? Well, negative smashed me, feeling, why did thou close me?Thence inwards look upon I to me, when isContinue reading “Thence I remembereth”

Howbeit is Necessary

Howbeit is he that riddles himself. Busy saith to Making-It-Time, How did thee manage thy time for others? And Making-It-Time sayeth, I offer myself to them and also offering myself to my success. Give money, said they,And they are not to harm thou,But give their kindness. I believe in myself, and Necessary needs me toContinue reading “Howbeit is Necessary”