Be ready unto thyself

Pour out from which that is the river of thine, Henceforth pouring them out like the harvest Is ready to be cropped and ready to be filled Unto our people of the world. © Ismael Mansoor

Think I am in my own world

Everyone wants to make their life that they desire,But I go to our Holy Creator, in the imagination, HeHe looks at me that is all too bright for me to see Him,But I feel, belief to understand all herein,Then I say to the fantasy, in the imagination, I am a fantasy. © Ismael Mansoor

Thank you…

Thank you for me saying out of myself to the air,And thank you for listening to me where none can see nor hear me,And thank you for my body to be blessed and grateful,And thank you for everything that I have, and will have, and more,Then AMEN is what English knew me to say, MayContinue reading “Thank you…”

My deafness is not just that

Is it strange for me to not tell thee of my deafness? I walk in the way of the hearing world, But still, is it strange for me not tell thee of it? They say, tell the world that thou art deaf, But I went with myself, doing the things I thought of myself, ThenContinue reading “My deafness is not just that”

We can touch Love anytime

Oh my heart, said I to myself, oh my soul, I listen to my inner world of mine, But I wonder if thou also listen to thy inner world? It has everything inside the soul. Oh, my heart, I asked Love, and it embraces me, Like Love in everyone has a calling to them, AContinue reading “We can touch Love anytime”

A desire but a dream

My mind paints a desire,Where all feel free,But a dream, whereas I daydream,Is it not good enough? The rejoicing in hope,Is it not good enough?The great faith in myself,Is it not strong enough? Negative smashes my thoughts,And twists my emotions,But is it not good enough?But a dream, whereas I daydream, My mind paints a desire,WhereContinue reading “A desire but a dream”

An Emotional Love In Him

She offers me with all her mind and heart, Saith she to me, I love you, my universe! Her love is an infinite And I shall be in it of her,  Then Grace comes to me,  Saying like, You look at me,Feeling that I am in thy emotion,And I smile indescribable,Yet thy life is aContinue reading “An Emotional Love In Him”