The Mindset Of Belief

I will come to thee, said Victory unto me,Thee need not worry about thyself,Because I will comest unto ye,Well, thence, be rejoicing unto the Miracle. Well, said Belief to my mind,Go ye to thine passionate,Shall ye discover it,And then thou well knowest. © Ismael Mansoor

The Ticking Time: Will Goodness Rise Within Us?

If thee hath so much kindness in ye,Then doest not ye show it unto the world?And if thou hath so much peace in you,Then why is it not eternal peace unto the Earth?If you can change it to Goodness,Why doth not there be it which hereto the heaven?A question is filled, then answer seeks forContinue reading “The Ticking Time: Will Goodness Rise Within Us?”

There’s no running from tick tock!

Indeed, tick tock, tick tock, and tick tock!For every hourglass have their time running out,But He who made ye, me, and everyone else of the worlds,It is Him that is the eternal hourglass which never runs out,But thee cometh to looketh at me, What becomes of She?Well, clock tick which has been ticking tock, ohContinue reading “There’s no running from tick tock!”

Repetition is in my head

The mind is the mind,The heart is the heartThe soul is the soulThe body is the bodyTogether all is the One The mind is with the enemy,The heart is with the evilThe soul is with the darkThe body is with the bad-spiritThe bad-spirit is the sinner So the mind is the stressful,So the heart isContinue reading “Repetition is in my head”