Such a dream…

Hmm,Become the mighty man in the world,But lucky is a miraculous man with a miraculous soul,He has everything that the fate has everything,He would make a world better place with no conflicts,Such a dream where no corruption, no deception, no-where evil,Goodwill is a man and woman in their hope for faith in peace,Then become theContinue reading “Such a dream…”

I thought the whole world couldn’t stop me

Immune, I see you have managed to corner me. I never had this before, but I will reward you for unleashing my full power. So powerful. Yes, Immune. How do you like it? You can’t do anything. A damn can’t do anything! A strongest even can’t do a thing to stop me, yet you, eish,Continue reading “I thought the whole world couldn’t stop me”

Bell the words in my mind

I think, though, and wonder.Those words are similar meanings.But thee bell a sound to explain,But I misunderstand ye with my mind. What were they trying to say?I try to understand your lip-readingBut thee should try to read my hands,For both of us misunderstand our languages. Old English is in my thoughts; let them play withContinue reading “Bell the words in my mind”

Earth’s Boundaries

I let you drink water and eat bread,So let me smile for no reason,And let me act the cheer upon my body,Knowing that you are thirsty is now satisfying,And also, your stomach is now filling. He will tell you why the Earth lets you live on her surface,And she will also tell you why youContinue reading “Earth’s Boundaries”