Communication Is Key

They said to stay kind and remain to understand,But how can a boil feeling inside bubblesRemain to stay kind and understand?Our Holy Creator is the only One who can do itBut you and me? How?If you are not good to the others,You might find my bitter words,And you are saying like, WowBut still, I needContinue reading “Communication Is Key”

Labeled Identity

Too many things went through my head,Who are your people? Family, friends, neighbours?I tell you what, where we live favour Label,Why? You, a man or woman? You, black or white?You, an Indian or a Japanese or European or African?You, straight or what? Love attraction or no attract?You, a Christian or a Muslim or what religionContinue reading “Labeled Identity”

Volume Loud In Mind

Bless and do whatever you wantBless only goodnessThink when I say blessBless only goodness Aye, you can become an influential person,Then they, too, will become,Then you and me, too, will become,The powerful people. Bless and do whatever you wantBless only goodnessThink when I say blessBless only goodness He or She or They who watch usContinue reading “Volume Loud In Mind”

Prosper From The Heart

Prosper, uplifting, harvest as much as you can,For every seed is waiting for its dwellers,To tell you why and what,Know all the seeds need water to preserve,Like knowing all the living creatures need air to preserve,What is necessary is what is essential. ©️ Ismael Mansoor

Something Different To Buy For E-Reading?

Hi all. It is for e-readers who love reading on a phone, laptop, pc, or electronic reading device. If you feel like something different to buy and read another book, come and purchase my book called “The Complete Collection of My Unspoken Deepest Thoughts.” It’s for you to explore a person’s different mind. The titleContinue reading “Something Different To Buy For E-Reading?”

Shrug It Off

You do whatever it pleases you,I will do the same,But,I pray the Earth to smile with me,It’s better to do nothing if you are rude,And it’s also better to do something if you are kind,Why?I say the world is enough with all the histories that suffer her.Then you say, he’s a deaf man,Yeah,You do whateverContinue reading “Shrug It Off”