Too many to describe…

I have so many personificationsTo tell thee of DefinitionBut bear me of my own understandingSaid Explanation to me,But thee walketh towards me,Sayest like, offer it to meSo that the whole world may be,Well, a host of hope, such wellThe pause comes to mind, pause © Ismael Mansoor

The Day Of The Miracle

The day comes to a day of Repentance,Saying like, we have forsaken Nature,But hence, let us return to Nurture,That every human shall visit Remembrance. Oh dear, the Miracle Creator, the Lord of Ours,Aye, the Lord of the Worlds, yet the King of all the Kings,And also, the Queen of all the Queens,Such rule both MasculinityContinue reading “The Day Of The Miracle”

Wake Up And See

I want to tell you everything where life came from,But nature won’t let me, so I shall pass it to you,To feel, to see, oh, light so lovely, only can she hear meBut nature let me tell you of words,A life began, shall it be an end one day,And thou art sleeping, shall you beContinue reading “Wake Up And See”

A Collaborative Poem – The Mind Between Reality & Beyond

LLEWELLYNThe present is what we have known, is what we’ve learned that led us beyond. The reality is believing the faith given by beyond words were foretold.The system created somewhat of a strategic plan that persevered throughout the globe. The weakens follow, feeble believed, cowards obeyed.  ISMAELThe reality shows the eyes to what it has offers toContinue reading “A Collaborative Poem – The Mind Between Reality & Beyond”

Each has its duration of a time

Every time is different for all the inners and the outers. The time inside your body is different from your time on the Earth. And the time outside the Earth is different from our time. Each planet has its duration of a year © Ismael Mansoor

Why Lie?

Such a huge world is full of lies and manipulationWhy lie for something you didn’t even feel for me?You did it on purpose, but why lie to me?I deserve the truth than living on a lie,Sometimes l pay heed to the truth of living, so why lie, why?Aren’t we special too? Don’t we deserve toContinue reading “Why Lie?”

I think so, why?

The quiet went to see me,Saying like, why art thou silent?A time for myself, and a time to quieten my words,Such is silence who abides in our dictionary,Knowing all those things in non-silence needs Rest. Then he says to another man, ye shall not stop,For thy words are the pillar of creativity,But that another manContinue reading “I think so, why?”

The Intense Time

[SINNER]. I am disappointed in you.[JUDGMENT]. You want the last word, take it then –[SINNER]. You can finish me, you know, Judgment.Perhaps you should have warned Life what befallsThose who cross me my life the way I do.Maybe what happened to Life was your fault.No matter what, my sins did help defeatWar. so I supposeContinue reading “The Intense Time”