Is Temptation Misleading?

Temptation, I call you with brave wordsWhy have ye weakened us? Ye know Hey Temptation, how do you like being like thatI wonder like, how do you like, think thou enjoyWhy have you weakened us? Ye knowWell, through the faith can we stop you, an old spirit Temptation, I call you with brave wordsWhat areContinue reading “Is Temptation Misleading?”

One of the best memories for feeling the love

I sat down on the log,From a little distance, she glanced at me,She was flirting with her eyes towards me with her smiles,Pure connection. While I sat down on the log,I saw she told her friends that she wanted to spend time with me,Because I was about to leave in a half-hour or more,She cameContinue reading “One of the best memories for feeling the love”

The Sunshine will last forever

The sunshine will last foreverUntil the end, He knows whenNot one of us knowHe knows everything, yeah everything everythingBut if thou ask of my mindI shall ask thee of thy soulHeadache when we don’t want to knowBut the sunshine will last foreverUntil the world will say, I thought the endBut thou will say, I amContinue reading “The Sunshine will last forever”

Don’t give up

Translation from South African Sign Language into English Don’t give upYou, you, youAll of you are giving up?No, no, noNoDon’t give upYou all are very beautiful soulsYou? You? You?Give up?Don’tNo, no, noNoRemember all of you, noRemember all of you are very beautiful soulsHeart, body, very sacredAll of you are giving up?Don’tNo, no, noAll of youContinue reading “Don’t give up”

The circle of inventiveness – part 2

Good day to you, Wisdom. Good day to you too. I heard you bought a house for Provoke. Yes, I did. Why Provoke, why out of the sudden it’s him? Just in case, it is a long story, and I do not want to talk about it. Oh. Can you respect me? Of course, Wisdom.Continue reading “The circle of inventiveness – part 2”

Such a speech of figure

I write, write, and writeMy mind said, please don’t stopWrite, write, and writeDon’t waste your words, just write themOh, it’s utter interestingA thousand thoughts that swim other thousand thoughtsI am minding that you are not out of the wordsHow I like you to try to the perfect EnglishBut you are DeafYour English is not yourContinue reading “Such a speech of figure”

You have not mastered your temple

Oh, dear the Earth, what can I feel for you? Oh, she said, when will they help me? I know that I am anthropomorphising this planet that we are living on, but nevermind my mind. Oh, forgive the provoking for saying, nevermind, but while I anthropomorphise her, or you would say personification. Anyway, again, excuseContinue reading “You have not mastered your temple”

My hopeful hands

Translation from South African Sign Language into English Too many thoughts went through my mindWords, words, words, and too many wordsFeelings, emotions, they make me thinkBut, I look at my hands for a hope My hands hold each otherI won’t give upSalvageBut, I look at my hand for a hope Everyone is speakingThe ears areContinue reading “My hopeful hands”