Where is the angel?

Bravo, the Angel, the ancient oneBefore they flew to the EarthHeaven, there they were, in the heart of the EarthBut they left this planet, brought themself away But where is the Angel?They left the Earth, brought themself to the HeavenLook at us, where is the Angel?I want to know where they are if they areContinue reading “Where is the angel?”

With comfort but…

They cry, have they come to their realizationAnd they cry, what have they done to themselves He comes to them, with comfort but a bitter truthHe says to them ye have done to thyselfBut forgive, believe, and receive it from thy heartHe has always forgiven thou, and ye know itHe is there for thee, asContinue reading “With comfort but…”

Never will ye think, he is dumb and mute

A quiet one who cannot hear and speak properlyHe is a man and faith to the Creator whom he callsThe Miracle Creator, or our Holy CreatorHe said to himself, how could ye divide one into little many ones The quiet one who cannot hear and speak properlyHe is a man and faith to the CreatorContinue reading “Never will ye think, he is dumb and mute”

Strength and hope (SASL poem)

Translation from South African Sign Language into English Meditation, Calm, Close my eyes, Feeling the breath, My heartfelt is enhanced, Too many imaginations, Feeling very good, Open my eyes, I look around, Strong, strength is necessary, Oh, I have faith in Him. © Ismael Mansoor

Forgive the difficult

Have ye seen a star how they shineIt is them that shines themselvesSo now, tell me, have thou lighten up thyselfOr what have thou been up to Have thee seen a shooting starThey called it, wish luck or good luckSo now, tell me, have ye believed in thyselfOr what have ye in thy mind HaveContinue reading “Forgive the difficult”


Bravo, did ye hear those noiseThey are very loudBravo, a raven is singing, very awfulHow could the raven lets other ravens fight for their songsBut bravo, have ye seen how one bird sings A dove is sweet, lovely, and easy to singHow yet thou not hear them wellBravo, they are a misled, lead themBut haveContinue reading “Bravo”

Take a shoot (SASL poem)

Translation from South African Sign Language (SASL) into English Magic is spellingI can see my two handsIt turns into a ballThe ball is reaching toward meSuddenly it puts on my earsBeep, beep, beepI look around in suspectI put down my earphonesThe ground is shaking Magic is spellingI can see my two handsMy two hands areContinue reading “Take a shoot (SASL poem)”

Is that what you are

The sky has been knownWhat is it ye that knows the sky?Man, your world used to call it, heavenWhat is it, the sky has been known?Have been knownAre thou with the riddle?Have been knownNot me, but it seems that you knowHave been knownTo whomEveryoneSuch the whichThe universeA galaxy or milk wayHave been knownUnlimited, limitless, infiniteHaveContinue reading “Is that what you are”