A Collaborative Poem – From The Mislead To What Leads Us

LLEWELLYN MCDONALDIf not you, then who?If not me, then who?If not us, then who?Masters perished their own kind,Masters don’t want minds to bindSlaves like ants to their queenI have wondered where have Mother Earth beenTime waits for no soul, but it waits for timeWe watch the Sunrise and fallWe watch the Moonglow and disappearsSuper-beings, super-natural?Continue reading “A Collaborative Poem – From The Mislead To What Leads Us”

Internally Dying

Choking sensationLungs suffocationSpirit decomposeKnife interposeStabbing the enthusiasmPause…When talking doesn’t helpLet’s pour the emotions into a work of artExposing the fixed mental ‘There-is-no-cure-for-indestructible-anxiety-virus’ attitude © Megan Holmes Image by Piyapong Saydaung from Pixabay

A Collaborative Poem – The Mind Between Reality & Beyond

LLEWELLYNThe present is what we have known, is what we’ve learned that led us beyond. The reality is believing the faith given by beyond words were foretold.The system created somewhat of a strategic plan that persevered throughout the globe. The weakens follow, feeble believed, cowards obeyed.  ISMAELThe reality shows the eyes to what it has offers toContinue reading “A Collaborative Poem – The Mind Between Reality & Beyond”

Why Lie?

Such a huge world is full of lies and manipulationWhy lie for something you didn’t even feel for me?You did it on purpose, but why lie to me?I deserve the truth than living on a lie,Sometimes l pay heed to the truth of living, so why lie, why?Aren’t we special too? Don’t we deserve toContinue reading “Why Lie?”


I have always attached to “connection”.In my view of “connection”, It’s part of the core of my being.  Connection is meaningful.In everything to give you wholeIn feeling to give you confidenceIn reading to give you discernment In music to give you the pleasure of expressionsIn poetry, to understand complexity,In art, to give you a deep representative,In solvingContinue reading “Connection”


You know, you are being taken advantage of who you are hurt so much in a way they don’t appreciate who you are, and they toy you like mud, its hurt that they can’t let you become stronger alone when they are around. Because they keep taking advantage of you because of their lies, theirContinue reading “Advantage”

The Lost Girl

A girl who lost,Her dignity,Her way,Her integrity,Her heart, mind and soul. She lost her own perspective views,Her beliefs,Her conscience,Her respect,Her inner peace, emotions and strength. All of these were scattered,All over.She has to find all of her parts,Piece by piece.To restore her entity.Although her entity is restored,It is disfigured.A woman who was lost,Has found herContinue reading “The Lost Girl”