The Versing Mind (A Collaborative Poem)

Verse, we are here to define our high mind,Hence, might the words would not comfort ye,But let our voice, like Speech Of Freedom,And like the likes of verses in the holy books,But we do not mean such Perfect Words. Voices may not be heard, but it surrounds the dome where it scrabbles and finds itsContinue reading “The Versing Mind (A Collaborative Poem)”

Misty Amidst

Misty AmidstWhite-out like it’s been wiped out,Fragments of memories scatters all over the universe.Impossible to see it, but it sits right on the nose,Feelings of emotions diverse.The emotions themselves know.Variety of crisis invades thickly and yet wet, Hesitantly,see ahead unclear-ly, asking which choice is best?The path leads blurry.Still, the crisis surrounds hovering all directions,Persevering withContinue reading “Misty Amidst”


Annoyance through being uninvitedDominating my emotional stateMood swings violentlyEvery time the threads has passedIt engraved in my damaged mindDramatic Media Player loopingThe demonic laughter sound effect is on, willfullyMy inkblot test is revealing of a man is longing to howl with rageThe peacemaker is no longer on the prescription.Reinfection exists.Live with it. ©️ Megan Holmes

Energy Of Love

I think we are all born to learn to love.  LOVE is supposed to be an unreplaceable lightbulb.  The lightbulb is already inserted- inside the child’s chest.  Once the mother holds the infant and nurtures it The energy of the mother’s love should go through the lines to connect to the child.  And the mother’sContinue reading “Energy Of Love”

My Abstracted Mind 

I painted my mind, In many colours; abstracted art In red, blue, yellow, green, and purple I was so satisfied. Then I met someone with a small canvas mind. I imagined what their minds look like, Oh! It has no colour, just darkness. I tried to paint the colours of the small boxed-minds It justContinue reading “My Abstracted Mind “

Letter to Women

Dear Women,All walks of lifeHere and thereFar and wide Lookism society we live in,We are constantly bombarded with social media feeds that tempts us to compare ourselvesLike.Share.Follow. is a ‘get self-love quick scheme’For us,Destruction criticism is the normOur mind is on the verge of collateral damageReality TV show us everything BUT realityAdvertisers tease us withContinue reading “Letter to Women”