Define Thyself

Find him, and I will reward ye, but also find her, also will I reward ye, but if he finds me first, I will reward him triple. But if he finds her with the world to find me, I will reward them abundantly. The souls of Peace said unto the souls of Fake-Peace, How canstContinue reading “Define Thyself”

The mysterious thoughts…

I will go to solve all therein the world, said Patience unto Demand, but will I bring Kindness with me so that they may be at their ease. He hither that he knows whithersoever he goes, but she also goes her way to make the world smiles even beyond the sky they smile. Unto RiddleContinue reading “The mysterious thoughts…”

Will I come unto Riddle…

Although unto Riddle saith like thou hath what is thine that thy waterfall comes out, but he who understands unconsciously shall he find the miracle within 1% the world never ever once thought before. I will come unto thee as Victory, and will I unto ye as Magic, even will I come unto thou asContinue reading “Will I come unto Riddle…”

The Worthy Words Of Seeker

A comer to a seeker, sayest like, ye lo whatever it finds ye of thine seeking, but here I come to thee for thine pro. Whithersoever that a seeker saith unto a doer, thee need to mend thine doing for what’s not with the Earth, but every living creature seeks of their revolution in theContinue reading “The Worthy Words Of Seeker”

Preserving Life

Oh heaven to heather me that scripts the world, Then thee need to open many figures of the words, Then I to thou, saith like, remember heavenly All therein good with them, but also remember hellish All therein bad with them, but hither we to the promise, Saying like, we will ensure ourselves in theContinue reading “Preserving Life”

Feeling Can Be Great

Hey, you! Your lover is wonderful.Yes, she is, thank you.Hey, you! Tell me more about your lover.She is the love of my life. Hey, you! Yes, I know she’s your life.Yes, she is my life.Hey, you! Please tell me more about her.I summarized that she’s the love –Hey, you! Yes, I know that, but please.Alight,Continue reading “Feeling Can Be Great”