The definition of enough

Define, he spoke of ye in his thoughtsDefine, a dragon, a mighty, and a heroDefine, they were one but split into manyDefine, ye were a great role to his words Define this, and define what you needHe said, how enough, are youThey have enough but are thouHow enough, it is to us that know theContinue reading “The definition of enough”

Their faithful hearts

THE MIRACLE CREATOR. My Angel, You must forgive the world of its beauty, And they must forgive themselves for their deeds. If they wish to enter My Holy Home, The belief must show in their faithful hearts, And they will remind you of a good man. THE ANGEL. I will go to the Earth, andContinue reading “Their faithful hearts”

How you thought may it be

How many times have thou complaint with thy lifeHow many times have thee drained all thy energyAnd how many times have ye abused thy mind The wonder, how thought may it be How many times would they avoid countingHow many times would they say, I don’t rememberAnd how many times would they, how many TheContinue reading “How you thought may it be”

stress is undefined

Howzit, slang, what’s up man, whoa calm down StressHow much do you know that you should calm downHi, I am talking to ye, hey Stress, I am talking to youWell, Stress, if you come here, I will make thouA vanishment, oh, how do you like it? I thought thou art gone Such poetry, oh, heContinue reading “stress is undefined”

Metaphor be like, hi He or

Hi, Behold, thee well, I am sure that thou artHi, Behold, said they, have a lovely dayHi, Behold, sleep well and protect us from the sleepingAnd he said hi, Behold, thank thee for thy safety Hi, Beloved, thee art more than well, oh, I am sureHi, Beloved, said they, have a wonderful dayHi, Beloved, smile,Continue reading “Metaphor be like, hi He or”

No matter what they are

African: My friends, European and Asian.European: My friend African, how are you?Asian: My friend African, I hope you’re well.African: Alight! It is a beautiful day, my friends.European: Sorry to jump all of the sudden.African: Don’t need to be sorry, European.Asian: I stand here before you as a prophet.European: African, I wanted to ask you something.African:Continue reading “No matter what they are”

Where is the angel?

Bravo, the Angel, the ancient oneBefore they flew to the EarthHeaven, there they were, in the heart of the EarthBut they left this planet, brought themself away But where is the Angel?They left the Earth, brought themself to the HeavenLook at us, where is the Angel?I want to know where they are if they areContinue reading “Where is the angel?”

With comfort but…

They cry, have they come to their realizationAnd they cry, what have they done to themselves He comes to them, with comfort but a bitter truthHe says to them ye have done to thyselfBut forgive, believe, and receive it from thy heartHe has always forgiven thou, and ye know itHe is there for thee, asContinue reading “With comfort but…”

Never will ye think, he is dumb and mute

A quiet one who cannot hear and speak properlyHe is a man and faith to the Creator whom he callsThe Miracle Creator, or our Holy CreatorHe said to himself, how could ye divide one into little many ones The quiet one who cannot hear and speak properlyHe is a man and faith to the CreatorContinue reading “Never will ye think, he is dumb and mute”