i gotta tell RAin…

As Sky came to his answers, and he said to Cloud, “I know our true identities now, Cloud.”Cloud was misting.“I’ve got to tell Rain… before it’s too late,” said Cloud. ‘It’s no good I moved so slowly.”“The true measure of our positions are not how we do but how we live,” interrupted Sky.“Thinking on myself,Continue reading “i gotta tell RAin…”

A Cliffhanger

A corrupt man is sitting alone, with his wife in the distance. They are on the vacation.“I should be happy, but,” paused his wife. “Once I knew you start to corrupt, I didn’t know how I should feel. I kind of wanted to cry. I haven’t felt this way since I knew that play withContinue reading “A Cliffhanger”

Come first before…

TV’s screen shows President, standing himself in front of the crowd, and he said to them, “Let me tell you the truth about our Earth.”And the crowd roars like, “Yeah, yeah.”“Our Earth isn’t satisfied with our things. Her beauty cries to the heaven for its beauty love.”Suddenly the crowd is quiet.“Orders from President! Help Earth,Continue reading “Come first before…”

“It makes sense, Truth,” said the Dark Lord

“Dark Lord! I – I have to wish to leave you, nothing more than else.” said an unknown name. “It makes sense, Truth,” said the Dark Lord. “You do true to me laying hands on me would be so difficult, you are so well protected -” “My devotion to my truthfulness -” “Do lie toContinue reading ““It makes sense, Truth,” said the Dark Lord”

Once will always be?

“If I tell thou about me,” said Life, “will ye have peace with the secret, seal thine mouth for me?” “Yeah,” said Gossiper, “I will keep thine words, and zip my mouth for thou.” “But never believe Gossiper, for they never keep their words, for once gossip, will always be gossip!” ©️ Ismael Mansoor

What is it?

SuccessHonourable Trader, the father of Business.I am feeling like sunny, too happy to see you. Trader looks disappointed. TraderWhy you came to me?It is I, who under oath, to fulfilMy son’s fulfilment.Sorry, you came at the wrong time. SuccessWhy honourable Trader who under oath,Must fulfil your son’s, Business?Your people honour you as I do honourContinue reading “What is it?”

I think it is simple

When a person tells you that he/she will talk to you later or tomorrow or next week. Sometimes they don’t keep their words because sometimes they forget to keep their words. That is not like they don’t want to talk to you, but maybe they got some reason why they don’t keep their words —Continue reading “I think it is simple”

You Are Our Master

My head:  Why are you thinking about what to write? I know what you think, but you can’t pour out your thinking into WordPress.  Me:  I am an indecisive man; it is my problem. My head:  Which means also is my problem, mister, sir, master? You are our master, and you know me meant well. Me:  I am tryingContinue reading “You Are Our Master”