Mother’s day 2020

Your majestic, the whole world is right here in front of your eyes.I told you to not be formalYet the whole world is right here in front of your body.And I also told you to not be a riddleMy mind used to tell me that I should not always obey you.How dare you disobey yourContinue reading “Mother’s day 2020”

Those words that speak

The king of the wordsOh, show yourselfShould I use my wordsAgainst your words?The king shall understandBut can thy thoughts understand me?Should the understanding takes it allOr should thou, should not thee?Yes, I would have agreed with yeThat the words shall not fightBut tell the world, why their words fightNot solving, not resolving, but war?Oh, IContinue reading “Those words that speak”


The first thing I would like to say thank you to those people that follow my blog called My Deaf Mind. Because of you people that give me the courage and self-will to continue writing. The remembrance said to me, “People who follow your writing even if your family and friends who some hide inContinue reading “WELCOME TO THIS ENGRAINED HEART!”