Let me pronounce my first language,

© Ismael Mansoor

Feeling Can Be Great

Hey, you! Your lover is wonderful.
Yes, she is, thank you.
Hey, you! Tell me more about your lover.
She is the love of my life.

Hey, you! Yes, I know she’s your life.
Yes, she is my life.
Hey, you! Please tell me more about her.
I summarized that she’s the love –
Hey, you! Yes, I know that, but please.
Alight, I love what she does to me.

Hey, you! I can see that you smile, so heaven!
Yes, she is my world, my love life!
Hey, you! I am happy for you, my friend.
Thank you, my dear friend, for being happy for me!

© Ismael Mansoor

Cometh Of The Day Of Life?

A new thing, yet another new thing comes,
And therein them that I seek what is in me,
But herein me that ye seek them in thee,
Blessed are them that is true to them of thee,
Oh, riddle, what it can offer thee of thine thoughts,
When it awaits for thee for a thousand years?
I long for my own that waits for my near,
That long be in hence of the coming.

© Ismael Mansoor

Never forget the other things other than the land itself!?

Deliverance, the promised lands,
And all therein the ground with gold
And hitherto that which cover all
Has come to reveal why they dig
And all the fishermen will be an end of an era,
Such is a time to cleanse
And a time to rejoice
Where no more fear

© Ismael Mansoor

Bright to Light

Light it sure will be glowing in appearance and vivid in colour
Getting brighter
Nothing matters
Because it will live
Simply more light to give
Light gets to set day free
The day is what it used to be
One side of light for a day
And another side of light for night
Purely sun is real
It feels so warm but also so bright
Warm is filling light
To uplift
But the moon can save light,
It’s too glowingly white bright
Light greets day warm, and it will just say goodnight tonight
With some bright

© Ismael Mansoor

The Reflecting Self Of Thine Presence

The present waits before us,
Like it sets us free of our choice,
But it looks at us I am present,
Yet why ye lo far back in the past or the future?
It is okay to lo at them for thine memory and passion,
But lo at me, I am what that presents me
But Hope looks at me I am worth it of waiting for the coming,
Smile, brave, and journey of what I look forward to this day,
To every moment of my lifetime

© Ismael Mansoor


Internally Dying

Choking sensation
Lungs suffocation
Spirit decompose
Knife interpose
Stabbing the enthusiasm
When talking doesn’t help
Let’s pour the emotions into a work of art
Exposing the fixed mental ‘There-is-no-cure-for-indestructible-anxiety-virus’ attitude

© Megan Holmes

Image by Piyapong Saydaung from Pixabay

Hear all the prayers…

The Lord of the Worlds, our Holy Creator,
Hear all the prayers from the Earth,
We have kept waiting for Thee.
Thy animals, Thy life-creation,
They also wait for the Promised Land,
But I assume, so Thee must return,
Said a living being of the Earth.

© Ismael Mansoor