We are not alone…

He says, fights for the Earth,
Every living being trying to dominate,
Even outside the sky, they are there
For we are not alone
But thee, well, stop looking down
On the ground, too much
They were there for a second
And gone like phenomenal
Well, our eyes can’t see beyond the sky

© Ismael Mansoor

Too many to describe…

I have so many personifications
To tell thee of Definition
But bear me of my own understanding
Said Explanation to me,
But thee walketh towards me,
Sayest like, offer it to me
So that the whole world may be,
Well, a host of hope, such well
The pause comes to mind, pause

© Ismael Mansoor

The Day Of The Miracle

The day comes to a day of Repentance,
Saying like, we have forsaken Nature,
But hence, let us return to Nurture,
That every human shall visit Remembrance.

Oh dear, the Miracle Creator, the Lord of Ours,
Aye, the Lord of the Worlds, yet the King of all the Kings,
And also, the Queen of all the Queens,
Such rule both Masculinity and Femininity!

© Ismael Mansoor

Wake Up And See

I want to tell you everything where life came from,
But nature won’t let me, so I shall pass it to you,
To feel, to see, oh, light so lovely, only can she hear me
But nature let me tell you of words,
A life began, shall it be an end one day,
And thou art sleeping, shall you be an awake one day!

© Ismael Mansoor

Image by Bessi from Pixabay

A Collaborative Poem – The Mind Between Reality & Beyond

The present is what we have known, is what we’ve learned that led us beyond. 
The reality is believing the faith given by beyond words were foretold.
The system created somewhat of a strategic plan that persevered throughout the globe. 
The weakens follow, feeble believed, cowards obeyed. 

The reality shows the eyes to what it has offers to all,
And beyond it, they offer all of the faith, yet it requires one to open oneself,
But the hypocrite smiled, the mislead knew it secretly, and the feeble, 
They were the ones who believed in not themselves, but the mind needed to be teaching.

Seeing is believing to some, 
See in Reality is true to most
We can’t give decisions on Beyond,
We live for what’s given,
And what’s taught 
Beyond keeps going, whether or not there have been changes. 
It still goes on. 
Change now or change later
Fight now or fight never
Barriers broke, new Beyond 
Reality changed, different Beyond

Such is the mind that has waited for us to see,
Oh, you prefer seeing, so you may believe,
But one sees inside all out towards,
One sees not with eyes alone, but one sees 
With all one body as the whole eye
For every beyond needs the Seer within
And while every reality needs the mind to see it through 
But well 

Unlike reality, there is vivid
Unlike craziness but assuming timid 
Feelings that rush wild and exciting
Interpret that emotion captured as a memory 
Is it Beyond? Is it a message? Was it foretold? 
Who’s feelings, who’s emotions and who’s memories? 
Will it change Beyond? Will it make Reality? 
If delivering is the purpose, then Beyond and Reality will have to mould

Well, well, it is the mind between reality and beyond,
But how you and I sit together, to talk about it,
Like how our mind could not see Beyond the sky,
Or could we see Reality beyond the Solar System,
Only such a technology can do those things to the believing eyes.

© Ismael Mansoor & Llewellyn McDonald

Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay

Each has its duration of a time

Every time is different for all the inners and the outers. The time inside your body is different from your time on the Earth. And the time outside the Earth is different from our time. Each planet has its duration of a year

© Ismael Mansoor

Why Lie?

Such a huge world is full of lies and manipulation
Why lie for something you didn’t even feel for me?
You did it on purpose, but why lie to me?
I deserve the truth than living on a lie,
Sometimes l pay heed to the truth of living, so why lie, why?
Aren’t we special too? Don’t we deserve to be happy like everyone else? I am missing happiness already.
Dear happiness, kindly please do not leave me,
I need you like you, my only baby…
I deserve happiness, not lies.

© Natasha Thelma Tatire

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

I think so, why?

The quiet went to see me,
Saying like, why art thou silent?
A time for myself, and a time to quieten my words,
Such is silence who abides in our dictionary,
Knowing all those things in non-silence needs Rest.

Then he says to another man, ye shall not stop,
For thy words are the pillar of creativity,
But that another man said, I write, write, and write,
As much as I can, forasmuch as I will, even much more,
But I need my time to think of my own, such like,
I write far more than I ever understand why,
But my people or the world has not read me yet,
So should I be Consistent if none meet requirements?

The human’s heart is enough to bear whatever too much to bear
But I am a human being like you all, which is such truthful,
But when one feels empty because one’s people lack support,
Or lack of love, or lack of understanding in the heart of Share,
But well, man, woman, nevermind me, hence, still I write,
Long live the Words of the Gifts, and long live the king of mine,
And also long live the queen of my love, and the long live the Miracle,
Such is Fantasy who lo at me, while Imagination hopes, all shall come out.

© Ismael Mansoor