My Daydreaming Words

I walk up to a mountain,
My hair is long below my back,
And I wear clothes of Peace,
With a beanie of Wealth,
And I see people before me,
And they look at me, grateful,
Then an angel appears,
All is miraculous.

© Ismael Mansoor

I was quiet…

I was quiet,
And Prose said,
Why didn’t you talk?
People would know you,
Connect, share, and well,
Support, no more alone.

I was quiet,
And Prose encouraged,
Leave Sorrow,
And use it as an ability,
To see Passion,
For you, for your heart,
And hope, faith, miracle!

© Ismael Mansoor

I remind myself

I remind myself,
Who can help my inner world?
Only me, yes, alone myself,
Aye, no one else, but me.

I know that my loved ones can help me,
But I am not talking about physical,
But mental and spiritual,
I am the only one who can help myself.

I remind myself,
I am me, forever and ever,
Aye, accept, and succeed,
In all the Miracle Sight.

© Ismael Mansoor

Take The Better Path

Oh, I have to be grateful,
Oh, if you do not feel grateful,
Let us go to Grateful,
She will tell us to divine our feelings,
To shift all the focus on our gratitude,
Then it will offer us nothing but feelings,
To remember counting blessings,
And to remember all the good things no matter what,
It will help the mind to set a new habit,
Saying like, let me go to Goodbye, and I make sure,
The last words to all the old habits that are ungrateful,
Thank you for making me strong, and make me try my best,
To open the door to all the opportunities
Grace feelings.
I have future, oh, we have future
And I have faith, oh we have faith,
We have everything from our inner world.

© Ismael Mansoor

Look inside

I open up myself,
To look all inside,
But you look at yours,
And if I have power,
I would read all about you,
But well, we will talk about it later,
So, for now, I look all inside,
Thinking about what I can do,
For the sake of the Miracle.

© Ismael Mansoor

Action is more real than words alone

You want the world to be peaceful,

But remember,

Some want the world to be burning,

So, remember to the plight,

That you must show the world

That you are peaceful,

The true-action of Peace,

Then those who want the world burns,

Might change their minds,

For eyes are beliefs to witness.

© Ismael Mansoor

Not today

I know that a long time ago,

When you stand for yourself,

They would shut your words,

Expecting you to follow the system,

But not now, not today, not tomorrow,

We are standing up for our rights,

Women speak, Black freedom,

The voice for all apartheid to end,

The banners, crying for Peace,

Even gays and lesbians fought for their rights,

And the humanity strive

For the speech of freedom,

And the endless list,

Many things need to sand for the right,

Freedom, Peace, Love and Understanding.

© Ismael Mansoor

A Thought’s Shadow

Here I sit on my chair,
Wondering how it came to be
That nothing is ever fair.
Oh, how memories hurt me.
Your sparkling hazelnut eyes,
My yearning heart and mind
Made an instant spark as
We spoke against the wind.
Chaos, chaos, and some more chaos,
That’s all I’ve known being apart from you.
It was as if the arrows of Eros
Simply dissipated in our hearts on his cue.
Chronos was at his strongest when we were apart
But his weakest when we’re together.
Oh, how I hark for these simple days of us two upstarts,
Of deep conversations when everything was on a burner.
Nowadays, it’s all cloudy in my mind in where we went wrong,
I suspect I left it cloudy as I feel it was my fault.
We had it all when we were together, and we were so young
Then it was all gone like into the thundering clouds a bolt.
How I mourn our memories and how I keep them alive…

© David Silva

A starry-eyed optimist, daring to reach high for the stars… The optimist is called David, and he is Deaf to deconstructive criticism yet Hearing to constructive criticism. His personality, thoughts and emotions will be in his poems for you to deduce what type of person he is.

Depth Of A Crying Soul


Wisher cried out in an understanding voice,
In the spirit of hope,
And he said to himself,
My wishes fell upon my vanity,
And my body was vaned.
But now,
I proclaim non-vanity to my wishing
In the name of Share.

Inspired by the book of Enoch
© Ismael Mansoor