Courage always has a plan

Courage.I am just not good enough.Courage.I am trying so hard, I really am. Courage never be discourage.I know, I know, but it is not easy.Time to stop being discourage.It’s so hard to be ice at same time be hot. Courage always has a plan.Discourage will always ruin it.But know the truth it never give upCourageContinue reading “Courage always has a plan”

I know I have been…

Dear everyone,I know I have been reducing my writings daily,The reason is that I have not been myself lately. Dear everyone,I know I should have kept writing like I did in the beginning,That I was passionate about my blog,But there’s one thingOne thing that I don’t think there’s any better about my wordsSometimes methinks noContinue reading “I know I have been…”

The Qualities of Love

Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay I am not seeing you as a black man or a white man or a brown man. I am seeing you as a person with a name. Your colour means nothing to me. Do you know why I said this? When some people asked what race I am, whatContinue reading “The Qualities of Love”

Open thine self

Image by dougandpetegardening from Pixabay Open thine eyes, wake up and awaken thyselfWho open for thee, oh, ask thyself who open for thouOpen thine eyes, wake up and awaken thyselfWhat makes ye live, oh, ask thine mind what makes you Open, open, oh, how many times, have ye being asked bySomeone thee acknowledged, that theyContinue reading “Open thine self”

In the Understanding of Living Beings

Image by Reinhardi from Pixabay The Miracle Creator is my metaphor I believe in Miracle I believe in Light I believe in Magic I believe in Faith I believe in Good I believe in Truth I believe in Soul I believe in me and Him – that’s my metaphor Life is Non-Stoppable The Light isContinue reading “In the Understanding of Living Beings”