Look inside

I open up myself,To look all inside,But you look at yours,And if I have power,I would read all about you,But well, we will talk about it later,So, for now, I look all inside,Thinking about what I can do,For the sake of the Miracle. © Ismael Mansoor

ONe within

The Earth is like one body, and we are inside it. Ye have one body, and many organs are inside thou. So most we have heard that in the ancient time we used to live up to 1000, but today it is mostly less than 100. It is like anciently time. That we used toContinue reading “ONe within”

The Universe

In my understanding, I would imagine.Is that the Universe is like a being.Because we are in it like cells in the body,Well, I have to explain a little further.If the picture talks about you, I see your body.If the picture talks about your brain, I see a brain.If the picture talks about your heart, IContinue reading “The Universe”

Look inside the body

Look inside the bodyHere is the living soul withinSo, just look inside the bodyOne shall think and feelOh yes, here is the living soul withinSo, live it, like your breath,I am free to breathe, so free to breathe,I am a free soul to live, free to experience,But hence, one shall think and feel,By choosing whatContinue reading “Look inside the body”

You Are Our Master

My head:  Why are you thinking about what to write? I know what you think, but you can’t pour out your thinking into WordPress.  Me:  I am an indecisive man; it is my problem. My head:  Which means also is my problem, mister, sir, master? You are our master, and you know me meant well. Me:  I am tryingContinue reading “You Are Our Master”

Different function in the body

I give you a slice of bread, said my head,And my tummy said I eat the bread.My heart said me give you faith,But my soul said I wait for you.What you waited for? said my path.Now you see, who are you? Which one is thou?Thee tell the body, which one,You or soul or heart orContinue reading “Different function in the body”